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Boat jokes โ›ต in 2021

Why are boats not weirded out by another boat and their activities?
– Because they respect whatever floats each other’s boats.

Why did the sailor fall asleep?
– Because he went for snore-kling!

A very nervous first-time crew member says to the skipper, โ€œDo boats like this sink very often?โ€
– โ€œNot too often,โ€ replied the skipper. โ€œUsually itโ€™s only the once.โ€

A werewolf stenographer starts a YouTube channel from his post on a U-boat:
– Lychan Sub Scribe

What was the name of the dentist’s office, which got opened on a boat?
– The tooth ferry.

What do the sailors use to clean their noses when they have a cold?
– Anchor-chiefs!

It’s time to sail-abrate good times, come on!

Why are portholes/windows in boats round?
– So the water doesnโ€™t hit the sailors square in the face!

You can’t drive to the capital of Alaska, you can only get there by train or boat.
– Did Juneau that?

What was the name of the optometrist who came on the boat?
– A see captain.

Who got a free movie ticket pass on the cruise ship?
– Tom Cruise.

I started a successful boat building business in the attic of my house.
– Sails are going through the roof!

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