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Boat jokes ⛵ in 2023

What does BOAT stand for?
– Break out another thousand.

What do you call a boat with AI?
– Row-bot.

What do you call the fastest sailboat in the world?
– Usain Boat.

What’s the difference between a Yacht and a Boat?
– $100 Million Dollars

Come in number 9, your time is up.
– Boss, we’ve only got 8 boats.
– Number 6, are you in trouble?

What is the name of the sail that has only two corners?
– “I do not have a clew!”

Sea ya later.

Making a boat out of stone would be a hardship.

Apple just announced their new electric vehicle, the iCar, coming in 2024. Rumor is they’re working on a self driving boat as well.
– They’re going to call it the iAye

Why did the dolphin chase the boat?
– To find its porpoise!

From where did Captain Hook buy his hook?
– At a second-hand store.

Where there is a wave, there is a way.

Americans like to fish by shooting guns at big groups of fish from their boats.
– They call it “School Shootings”.

Was painting my boat when a dolphin swam by and got some paint on its fin.
– It wasn’t on porpoise.

How was the sailing business going on in the boat?
– The sails were going through the roof!

What was the sailor getting ready to do?
– To warship!

If your boat gets sick, I know a great dock.
– It’s pier-reviewed.

A luxury boat sank and a passenger was holding on to a floating piano…
– All of a sudden, someone floats by sitting atop a floating cello and asks: “ May I accompany you?”

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