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Donkey jokes in 2023

How long should a donkey’s legs be?
– Long enough to reach the ground!

What does a donkey do when you tell him a joke?
– He-ha’s.

What do you call a donkey that keeps time?
– Hourgl-ass.

Who does a donkey see to get its FICO score?
– The credit burro.

2 guys walk into a bar
“Hey donkey get the beers in” shouts one guy to the other.

The man walks up to the barman and stutters ” two bee… two bee… two beers please?” the barman starts to pour the mans beer when the guys friend shouts “Donkey! get me some nuts too”

The man stood at the bar says to the barman ” two pa… two pa.. two packets of nuts too please”

The barman says to the guy “That’s a bit mean, why does he call you donkey?” and the man replies “It’s OK, He aw… he aw.. he always calls me that”

“I am the young brother, let me through”
– A man rushed to a gathering at an accident scene. Unable to see the victim because of the crowd the man said,”I am the young brother, let me through” The crowd looked at the man & paved the way silently.At the centre lay a donkey which had been hit by a car.

How does Winnie the Pooh‘s friend paddle his boat?
– Eeyores it!

What do you call a donkey with built-in GPS?
– Comp-ass.

What do you call a country populated entirely by donkeys?
– An assassination.

I’m a girl training in MMA. My instructor just taught me how to do the donkey kick!
– He says we’re going to work on the donkey punch tomorrow!

What do the donkeys on Blackpool pleasure beach get for lunch?
– About five minutes!

What do Bruce Lee and the donkey from Shrek have in common?
– They have both entered the dragon.

My car broke down on a Kentucky back road next to a pasture containing a single donkey .
– Not wanting to walk, I had to burro it.

What sound does a Swiss donkey make on a mountain?
– Yodel-ay-hee-haw

What are donkeys?
If cows are bovine and horses are equine, what are donkeys?
– Assenine.

What did the donkey do when he got cut-off?
– Hee-Hawnked.

What do you call a donkey with a doctorate?
– A smart ass.

What did the donkey do when he was driving his car and got cut off?
– Hee-haw-nked his horn.

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