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Donkey jokes in 2022

Who is the most famous donkey in history?
– Donkey-ottie.

What do you get when a donkey eats a porcupine?
– A pain in the ass.

What do you call it when you watch a donkey fart?
– An asstute observation.

What did the donkey say when his owner kept poking him?
– Stop fingering your ass!

A guy walks into a brothel with a donkey and a honeycomb
The brothel owner says “Why do you have an jackass? ” Guy says, “I have a big farm, I want to trade it for some time with your girls.”

Brothel owner says “Okay, why do you have a honeycomb?” Guy says “I have a lot of bees, was hoping to trade it for some food.”

Brothel owner says “Why don’t you just eat the honeycomb?”

Guy says, “Same reason I brought the jackass, tired of it.”

What’s the most difficult key to turn?
– A donkey!

What do you get when you cross a donkey with a motorcycle?
– A Yam-Hee-Haw.

What do you call a 3-legged donkey?
– A wonkey.

I hear that Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, absolutely loves to take part in Nativity plays. He’s played a shepherd, the inn keeper and one year, he even played the rear end of the donkey…
– But he never made it as a wise man

I just shot a donkey
– Deadass

Why didn’t the donkey move to the farm on the moon?
– There was no atmosphere!

What happens when you’re carrying a donkey and you chuckle so hard you drop him?
– You’re laughing your ass off.

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