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Silly jokes in 2022

What does a house wear?

What do you call a dog with no legs?
-It doesn’t matter, it’s not going to come anyway.

Why is Peter Pan always flying?
-Because he Neverlands. (I love this joke because it never grows old.)

The first rule of the Alzheimer’s club is…
-Wait, where are we again?

Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building?
-Of course! The Empire State Building can’t jump.

I got a new job last week as the new top dog at Old MacDonald’s farm.
-I’m the new C-I-E-I-O.

There’s a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.
-(…Only a fraction of people will get this clean joke.)

Why aren’t koalas considered bears?
-They don’t have the right koala-fications.

Why are crabs so bad at sharing?
-Because they’re all shellfish.

What washes up on very small beaches?

Why did the bullet end up losing his job?
-He got fired.

A horse walks into a bar.
-The bartender says, “Why the long face?”

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