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Dragon Jokes 🐲 in 2023

What is a European dragon’s favorite food?
-Swiss charred.

How do dragons make holiday plans?
– They don’t, they just wing it.

Why can’t dragons play ice hockey?.
-If they breathe fire, the ice melts.

What’s the difference between Hanukkah and dragons?
-One is eight nights while the other ate knights.

you think birds are scary?
– Imagine Dragons.

What does a dragon eat with soup?

What do you call a dragon who is fantastic at juggling?

What’s the difference between a dragon and a piece of paper?
-For starters, you can’t make a paper airplane out of a dragon.

Why is easy to work out the weight of a dragon?
– They come with scales.

Why are dragons good storytellers?
-They all have tails

What ritual do dragons perform right before big games?
-They get fired up.

What do dragons do before big games?
-They get all fired up.

What’s a hungry dragon’s favorite day of the week?

How did the female dragon win the beauty contest?
-She was the beast of the show!

Why do interns make the best Dungeons and Dragons players?
-They do it for the experience.

What does a knight say when he sees a herd of dragons with sunglasses?
-Nothing. He doesn’t recognize them.

What does a dragon eat for a snack?

Why do dragons like knights?
-They come with their own pans.

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