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History jokes ๐Ÿ“œ in 2021

What do you call a musician who just saw Medusa?
– A rockstar!

What is fruity and burns?
– The grape fire of London!

One of the historical figures to play music with has got to be the talented Mr. Ben-jam-in Franklin.

After the Palace of Versailles was completed,
– Louis XIV felt Baroque and roll.

โ€œImmanuel doesnโ€™t pun, he Kant.โ€

Who refereed a tennis match between Nero and Caesar?
– A Roman Umpire!

Who succeeded the first President of the United States?
– The second one.

The Second World War was very slow because they were Stalin.

I wonder why Lenin didn’t realize that communism would fail to work.
– There were so many red flags everywhere.

Q: Who made King Arthur’s round table?
– A: Sir-Cumference

Why did Arthur have a round table?
– So nobody could corner him!

The colonized do not like British tea.
– They only want liber-tea.

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