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Bunny jokes 🐇 in 2022

Why did the bunnies go on strike?
– Because they wanted a better celery!

How do rabbits travel?
– By hareplane.

What did the rabbit do when he needed to get a snack?
– He put the video on paws!

What do rabbits say before they eat?
– Lettuce pray!

Why are rabbits so lucky?
– They have four rabbit’s feet.

What did the avocado say before the rabbit disappeared?
– Avocadobra!

Where do bunny bride and grooms go after their wedding?
– On bunnymoon!

I think bunnies are ear-resistible!

What is white and has long ears, whiskers, and 16 wheels?
– Two rabbits on rollerblades.

What do you get when you find a rabbit with no hair?
– A hairless hare!

What do you call a rabbit crossed with a frog?
– A bunny ribbit!

What do rabbits put in their computers?
– Hoppy disks!

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