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Tea jokes ☕ in 2023

What type of tea does Uncle Sam drink?
– Liber-tea.

My wife left me because of how insecure I am.
– Nevermind, she is back. She was just getting some tea.

What’s a philosopher’s favourite type of tea?
– Certain *tea*

A joke from my 7 year old… What do you call a man who dips biscuits into his cup of tea?
– Duncan

Very good tea and pasta joke
What is your favorite type of tea?
– Spaghett-tea

Why did Karl Marx dislike Earl Grey tea?
– Because all proper-tea is theft.

What kind of tea can be hard to swallow?
– Reality.

TIL that the most fertile land for growing tea
– Is located in Chai land

Why does Britain like tea so much?
– Because tea leaves.

What starts with a “t,” ends with a “t, and is full of “t”?
– A teapot.

What did the students get their favorite teacher who loved tea?
– A “Tea-cher of the Year” tea mug.

What kind of tea does a house drink?
– Propertea

If, whilst having my tea, I knock a pea off my plate onto the table or floor, I announce to my family – “I have an escape-pea.”
– My family don’t like me

My Husband thought of a tea shop name “these tea’s are made of leaves.”
– Honestly, who am I to disagree.

Popped into the local garage, and the mechanic was having a tea.
– Think he was on a brake.

How does Moses make his tea?
– Hebrews it.

– I’m serious! That Israeli how he does it!

Did you hear about the native American who tried to beat the world record for drinking the most tea?
– The next day he was found dead in his tea pee

What did one tea leaf say to the other tea leaf?
– This is a fine mesh we’ve gotten ourselves into!

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