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Pilot jokes 👨‍✈️✈️ in 2022

What do airplane builders say about their job?
– It’s riveting.

Where are the Great Plains located?
– At the great airports.

Why did the girl travel to Los Angeles on an airplane?
– Because she wanted a higher education.

Where can you find Tom Cruise on a flight?
– In Risky Business.

Airplanes are atheists, but jets are religious.
– Why?
– Because Jetspray.

Why can’t you ever beat air force pilots in a match?
– Because pilots are always prepared for ar-rival.

Why did the flight attendant stop the vulture from entering the plane?
– Because the vulture had too much carrion.

What did the kamikaze pilot tell his students?
– I’m only going to demonstrate this once, so look closely.

Why is mail that goes by sea called “CARgo” and mail that goes by land called
– “SHIPment”?

What’s the difference between a pilot and a pepperoni pizza?
– A pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four.

Why doesn’t the pilot like the flight attendant?
– Because the flight attendant jokes about his bad altitude.

I have this new idea for an airplane,
– But I don’t think it’s gonna fly.

Why was everyone panicked when the oxygen dropped inside the flight?
– Because it was a tense atmosph-air.

What’s the deal with airline food?
– This is not a joke. I think it’s really plane.

What happened when the pilot passed through the rainbow during his final test?
– He passed with flying colors.

What kind of noise does 737 make when it jumps?
– Boeing, Boeing, Boeing.

Why do students study inside the plane?
– Because they want higher grades.

What do you call a flying primate?
– A hot air baboon.

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