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Fruit jokes 🍊🍋🍓🥝 in 2022

Always remember to practice what you peach.

I’m so grapeful for you.

A lorry full of berries crashed on the motorway,
– it’s created a huge jam!

What did the watermelon say to the cantaloupe?
– You’re one in a melon!

Why do fruit flies hate stephen hawking
– He was a vegetable

It’s a pear-fect day for a picnic.

Why don’t robots like apples?
– They’re androids!

I went to the shop today to get lemons and limes but they didn’t have any.
– It was a fruitless trip!

I was telling my children about the health benefits of eating dried fruits recently
– It’s really all about raisin awareness.

It happened right before my berry eyes.

Each day is mango-nificent!

I’ve got a great idea for an orange peeling machine,
– I hope it bears fruit!

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