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Horse Jokes 🐴 in 2022

Who rode a horse up the hill to fetch a pail of water?
-Jockey and Jill.

Who isn’t an upside down horse shoe good luck for?
– The horse who lost it!

-Because it had bad stable manners.

Which type of race horses are the deepest thinkers?

Where do Knights park their horses?
-In a LanceLot

What do they serve before dinner in the stable?
-Horse d’oeuvres

What does it mean if you find a horse shoe?
– There’s a horse walking around with only socks on.

Why did the horse play his music so loud?
– He liked being a herd animal.

Why did the cowboy feed his horse so much hay?
– He thought it would make it softer to ride on.

Why did the horse cross the road?
– To get to the bale of hay.

Which kind of horse likes to eat baked beans?
-The pinto. (a 2-toned horse, also a type of bean)

What type of horse has trouble keeping track of it’s Ipad?
-An Appaloosa.

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