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Horse Jokes 🐴 in 2023

Which football team do horses always cheer for?
-The Broncos.

What does it mean when you find a horseshoe?
-A horse is walking around bare foot.

Where do horses go when they’re ill?
-the horsepital.

How do horses from Alabama greet horses from Ohio?
-With Southern Horspitality.

Why did the man call his horse poison ivy?
– Because he was scratched so often. (scratch is when a horse it taken out of a race)

What award did they give the horse who could drink the most water?
-They game him a nice troughy.

What did the mother horse say when her sad-looking son walked into the barn?
-Why the long face?

Where do race horses eat?
– Fast food restaurants.

Which US state do horses like to go for vacation?

What kind of stories do depressed horses tell?
-Tails of whoa.

What do we call a pony who has a sore throat?
-A little hoarse.

-“It’s hay pasture bedtime!”

What’s do horses play for fun?
– Stable tennis.

What’s the favorite part of a horse race for a vampire?
– When it’s neck and neck.

How do you ship a small horse across the country?
– Pony Express.

Where do horses get their hair cut?
– In Maine.

What did the waiter say to the horse?
-Can I get you a stable.

How do you treat a horse who has a cold?
-with cough stirup

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