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Horse Jokes 🐴 in 2024

Which football team do horses always cheer for?
-The Broncos.

What does it mean when you find a horseshoe?
-A horse is walking around bare foot.

Where do horses go when they’re ill?
-the horsepital.

Why did the horse talk while his mouth was full?
– He had bad stable manners.

What do every horse and rider do together?
-They age.

What did the waiter say to the horses?
-“I can’t take your order, that’s not my stable”

What kind of horse do you ride on Halloween?
– A night mare.

Which horse can jump higher than a house?
– All of them – houses can’t jump at all.

Why did the horse miss the jousting event?
– He had the knight off.

Why didn’t the stallion show up for his wedding?
-He got colt feet.

How did the cowboy know which horse was everyone’s favorite?
-He took a gallop poll.

What did the horse say in the hundred acre wood?
– I can’t hear you whinnie!!

When does a horse go to sleep at night?
-Whinny wants to.

What happened when the horse swallowed 4 quarters?
-It bucked.

Why was the horse really proud of his school test results?
– Because he got an Hay-plus!

How do you save a horse possessed by an evil spirit?
-Perform an exhorsist.

Where do horses go when they hurt themselves?
-The horsepital.

What do you call a horse who refs football games?
-A zebra.

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