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Neck jokes in 2021

Do you know why giraffes necks are so long?
– Because their heads are so far from their body

Are you paralyzed neck-down?
– Move your hands above your neck

How to get your woman to come upstairs say you are necked

The bodies are really starting to pile up, the sound before I throw them in the pile is so satisfying.
– I have been so happy since I learned how to crack a neck.

Saw a vampire sprint race the other day.
– It finished neck and neck.

Why does Isabelle hang on the neck of a cow?
– Because she Isabelle

There are some sounds that everyone lovesโ€ฆ
– Shoes on gravel
– Crackling of fire
– The snapping necks of those who think they can disrespect you
– Cats purring

Do not ever make fun of people who look like they have no necks.
– They are fully protected from vampires.

Why did DMX freak out when he put on a crew neck sweater for the first time?
– Because he could not find the hood.

My girlfriend has such a neck fetish,
– she barely cares about me she just likes my neck. She’s a necromancer.

Whats a fedora clad, neck bearded gentlemen’s favorite color?
– M’genta

Whatโ€™s the difference between a child and a book?

– One doesnโ€™t scream when you snap itโ€™s neck.

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