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Neck jokes in 2021

What did DMX say when he first wore a crew neck sweater?
– Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at?!

Why did the wizards wife have hickeys on her neck?
– Because he was a neck-romancer….

What is a vampireโ€™s favourite animal?
– A giraffe.

They say you should never look back. Looking back makes your neck hurt.

A dictator complained fiercely about the neck wear he received.
– What a tie rant.

Men with neck tattoos used to make me nervous.
– Now they make me lattes.

I always wear my Stethoscope around my neck
– So in an emergency, it teaches people a valuable lesson about assumption

You’re a pain in the neck!

If you want to call the Dalai Lama, make sure you have the correct number.
– I called Dial-A-Llama and now own a goat with a very strange neck.

Why do cows wear bells around their necks?
– Because their horns don’t work.

When I see a girl, I first look at her hair. Then at her eyes, lips, neck…
– Damn dial-up!

Whats all fuzzy, warm, and laughing?
– The person who snapped its neck and put it into the blender

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