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Butterfly jokes 🦋🐛 in 2023

Why did the kid throw butter out the window?
– To see the butter… fly.

What do you call it when a butterfly rules over a kingdom?
– A monarchy.

I found a butterfly on the ground without wings, so I poured some redbull on it and BAM…
– … it drowned

What do you call a moth in a supermarket?
– I can’t believe it’s not butterfly.

How many A.D.D. Kids does it take to—
– Oooh look, a butterfly!

What do butterflies love to eat for breakfast?
– Flap-jacks

How do butterflies gather?
– In-sects.

What does a chatty caterpillar become?
– A social butterfly.

What do moths study in school?
– Mothematics!

Why did the little boy throw a stick of butter out of the window?
– To see a butterfly!

What looks like half a caterpillar?
– The other half.

I found a butterfly without wings…
– So I poured some RedBull on it and BAM… It drowned.

When is a baseball player like a spider?
– When he catches a butterfly.

What do you call a giant butterfly that doesn’t lives in a city?
– An urban moth.

– EFGADHD Ooo look a butterfly!

Why do butterflies always have a date?
– Because they are big flutters.

Why can’t butterflies turn their heads?
– They don’t have neck-tar.

A father and his son went outside for a walk.
– The son steps on a butterfly. The father jokes : Your going to have to eat some butter now!

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