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Butter jokes 🧈 in 2022

Butter is not made right away because it has to wait for its churn.

I heard a pretty juicy rumor about butter.
– But i decited i didn’t want to spread it

If we got rid of all the margarine and spreads, the world would be a butter place.

If all kinds of margarine and spreads disappeared from the world, it would be a butter place.

I found a butter replacement today…
– It’s margarinely better.

I was going to tell a butter joke
– But the margarine for error was too big

Michael Jackson’s favorite type of butter is Ghee-hee.

I remember not long before grandpa died we covered his back with butter
– he went downhill pretty quickly after that.

When a peanut butter hears a sweet song it exclaims
– “That’s my jam!”

What do you call a sandwich 🥪 full of envy?
– Peanut Butter n Jealousy! 😂

The silly butter joke was okay, but it was not worth melting for.

Butter get some upvotes on cake day..
– Or I’ll feel desserted!

Find me a butter knife for cutting butter.
– I’ll wait.

So I was walking past my local supermarket the other day and a man started to throw cheese, butter and milk at me.
– How dairy.

The only fish that tastes good with peanut butter is jellyfish.

What do you get when you eat too much peanut butter?
– Reese’s feces

I see more and more shops selling really big butter knives.
– They’re becoming widespread.

You should always let a butterfly spread its wings because that is what it is meant to do.

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