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Butter jokes 🧈 in 2023

Butter is not made right away because it has to wait for its churn.

I heard a pretty juicy rumor about butter.
– But i decited i didn’t want to spread it

You should always let a butterfly spread its wings because that is what it is meant to do.

Someone threw some butter, milk and cheese at me recently.
– I thought “how dairy”….
– Then, they through some more mild cheese.
– I thought “that’s not very mature”.

Butter knives are selling like hotcakes.
– They are getting more and more widespread.

My wife insisted on mixing the butter and flour together.
– I told her she would roux the day.

What did the Mandalorian say whist churning butter?
– This is the whey…

The butter knives put on bow ties because they wanted to look sharp.

I thought the recipe was for making margarine, however,
– it churned out to be butter.

You just get peanut butter and jealous when someone eats a PB & J sandwich in front of you without offering you any.

Yesterday my daughter was playing in the garden when I saw her kill a butterfly. So to teach her a lesson I said, “Just for that you don’t get any butter for a month.”
– Today in the kitchen she killed a cockroach. I said, “Nice try.”

The only way to get a raise in a spreads factory is to butter up your boss.

My 9 year old just told me this joke and I thought I would share
What do you call rich peanut butter?
– Jif Bezos

Jokes about fake butter are margarinally funny.

My friends keep telling me to stop impersonating butter.
– But I can’t. I’m on a roll now

Puns on peanut butter are in such bad taste.
– They drive everyone nuts.

Why was there peanut butter on the road?
– It went with the traffic jam.

Our local grocery store often runs out of butter because butter flies.

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