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Anime jokes in 2022

What would you call a drowning Titan?
– A Titanic.

How do you get a Pokémon onto a school bus?
– You poke-em-on!

A friend told me to stop filing taxes and go watch anime with him.
– But this isn’t even my final form.

Why did Petra freeze when she saw the female Titan?
– Because she was petra-fied.

What’s a Hawaiian squirrel’s favorite anime?
– My Hero Macadamia (Nut).

What is the favorite thing of a Titan to eat?
– Rawmen.

I only watch anime dubs.
– Cause I don’t take no L’s

What do you call a geometry teacher who’s obsessed with anime?
– Daddy 10π

Why did Naruto stop pursuing Sakura?
– Because it was Useless.

What did Meowth say to Ash when he told him to pretend like a tree and leave?
– He asked if Professor Oak was the one who set him up for that.

How many Anime characters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
– Only 1, but it takes them 15 episodes to do it.

Where does a anime girl live???
– Ohio

What do Saiyans usually wear when they go visit the beach?
– They wear Trunks.

What did Madara say to Hashirama when he received no reply to his text?
– He said, “Did you see the text I had Senju?”

What do you call the anime bill of rights?
– The Manga Carta.

I have a question for you anime fans.
– Is fansub the opposite of fandom?

What is Mami Tomoe’s favorite beverage to drink?
– De-cappuccino.

When Gohan is in trouble, how does he feel?
– He feels like he is in a Picollo.

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