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Anime jokes in 2021

Where does Kagome Higurashi go to do her laundry?
– Inu-washa.

Why did Erwin lose his limb in battle with Titans?
– Because he had gone out on a limb with his last attack plan.

What did Yuri say when he won gold?
– โ€œVictuuri!โ€

What do you call someone who only watches Horror Anime?
– A Ouijaboo.

What do you call French people who like manga and anime?
– Ouibs.

How many tickles does it take to turn on a anime girl?
– Tentacles

When Beerus meets Goku, what does he say?
– You should tell your son to “Gohan” back home.

What was Kakashi’s advice when people asked him about the quickest way to a girl’s heart?
– A Chidori.

Frieza is cool, but his brother is cooler.

What do you call a drug addict who likes anime?
– Weed-a-boo

What does MonkeyD. Luffy say when you want another piece of the pie?
– You can only have ‘One Piece.’

On which planet does Piccolo visit to relax?
– He goes to Planet Hammock.

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