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Anime jokes in 2021

What is a ghoul’s favorite drink from ‘Tokyo Ghoul’?
– A Ghoul-Aid.

Why does nobody like the food in the Dead Zone?
– Because there is too much Garlic.

Whatโ€™s a chickenโ€™s favorite anime?
– Bok-Bok-Boku.

Who would most likely call anime Chinese cartoon?
– A Chinese

What do you call someone who watches anime?
– Well I would say dweeb but they probably already took the D, so weeb is fine

What is a type of anime car a little sister in the anime world usually drives?
– A Nii-san.

Why did Armin’s 3DMG fall loose?
– Because he had forgotten to Titan it.

What does Todoroki put in his coffee?
– Half and half.

Did you hear about the ghost who liked anime? What a Wea-
– Boo!

How do you get reluctant Pokemon to get on a bus?
– You Poke-em-on.

How to get in touch with an android?
– You have to use a CELL Phone.

Why is a group of Uchihas not called a Sharin-gang?
– Because they were all Sharin-gone.

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