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Crab jokes ๐Ÿฆ€ in 2021

What do you call the greatest crab artist that ever lived?
– Leonardo da Pinci.

Just beclaws I love you.

What does the crab say when sheโ€™s disagreeing with the lobster?
– I donโ€™t quite sea it that way!

Which chemical element accounts for the largest part in the body of crabs?
– Crabon.

Made up my own joke today! Comment what you think: What did the crab get on his report card?
– I dont know, but it was Under dah C!

Where do crabs and lobsters catch their trains?
– Kingโ€™s Crustacean!

How much salt do hermit crabs like on their food?
– Just a pinch!

How does a crab answer the phone?
– โ€œShello!โ€

Whatโ€™s a crabโ€™s favorite song?
– โ€œDonโ€™t Worry; Be Crabby.โ€

They say the worst place to be in a cooking competition is last place…
– …Tell that to the crab.

What party game do crabs like to play?
– Salmon says!

Why did the crab cross the road?
– To get to the other tide!

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