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Crab jokes ๐Ÿฆ€ in 2022

Whatโ€™s it called when a crab walks to its part-time job?
– A side hustle.

What do you call a crab thatโ€™s green and sings but likes to stay home?
– A Kermit crab.

Scientists found out that crabs hear through their legs.
– A scientist yelled at a crab and it ran away. Then he cut of its legs and yelled at it again. And suddenly the crab didn’t run away anymore.

What do you call a crab who is afraid of small spaces?
– Claw-strophobic!

Why did the crab cross the road?
– It didn’t. It used the sidewalk.

How did the limpet cross the river?
– She took a taxi crab.

Why is the sand so quiet?
– Because the waves keeping going โ€œSsshhhhhhh!โ€

Donโ€™t bother me today, Iโ€™m feeling a little bit crabby!

What do you call a frugal crab?
– A penny pincher.

Why did the ocean roar?
– Wouldn’t you if there are crabs underneath?

What do you call a crab in self-isolation?
– A hermit crab.

How does a crab go when itโ€™s right?
– Snap!

What do you call a crab thatโ€™s afraid of small spaces?
– Claw-strophobic.

Why donโ€™t crabs donate?
– Because theyโ€™re shellfish.

What do you call the greatest crab artist that ever lived?
– Leonardo da Pinci.

Just beclaws I love you.

What does the crab say when sheโ€™s disagreeing with the lobster?
– I donโ€™t quite sea it that way!

Which chemical element accounts for the largest part in the body of crabs?
– Crabon.

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