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Crab jokes ๐Ÿฆ€ in 2022

Whatโ€™s it called when a crab walks to its part-time job?
– A side hustle.

What do you call a crab thatโ€™s green and sings but likes to stay home?
– A Kermit crab.

Scientists found out that crabs hear through their legs.
– A scientist yelled at a crab and it ran away. Then he cut of its legs and yelled at it again. And suddenly the crab didn’t run away anymore.

What do you call a crab who is afraid of small spaces?
– Claw-strophobic!

Why did the crab cross the road?
– It didn’t. It used the sidewalk.

Customer, holding a crab under his arm: โ€œWaiter, waiter, do you make crab cakes?โ€
– Waiter: โ€œYes, we sure do.โ€
– Customer: โ€œGood, because itโ€™s his birthday.โ€

Seek and you shell find!

Life just seems to be two steps sideways then one step back!

A guy walks into a seafood store carrying a crab,
– and he asked the owner, “Do you make crab cakes?” And the owner said, “Yes we do.”…So the guy said, “Good because it’s his birthday.”

Why do crabs with IBS nest under bakeries?
– It’s the easiest place to pinch a loaf.

What do crabs do on their birthday?
– They shellabrate!

What do you call a pit stop that sells crabs and pizza?
– A crust station.

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