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Clown Jokes 🤡 in 2024

I’m a clown…
-And everyone nose.

Why did the clown cross the road?
-To get his rubber chicken.

What do a clown and someone who snores have in common?
-Honk Shoe…. Honk Shoe….. Honk Shoe….

Why did the clown not show up to work?
-He was feeling a little bit funny.

Two clowns are eating a cannibal.
– One turns to the other and says, “I think we got this joke wrong.”

What did the shark say after eating a clown fish?
-This tastes a little funny.

What did sideshow Bob work as after he got fired from being a clown?
-A bartender

I ate a clown fish yesterday.
– It tasted funny.

A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop
-Not a lot of people that I know of gets this joke, can you?

why dont cannibals eat clowns
-because they taste funny

I painted half of my face like a clown today and went for a drive.
-I’m not sure everyone saw the funny side.

Been think of opening a clown brothel,
– As a Dad of long standing, I’m happy to have seized the opportunity to yell “Don’t try anything funny!”

I got a handjob by a Clown once.
-It really tickled my funnybone

I’m starting a clown shoe business.
-It’s no small feat.

My father was the best clown of all time.
– When he died, all his friends came to his funeral in one car.

What is the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?
– Well beer nuts are 49 cents but deer nuts are just under a buck.

How big is a clown’s hard drive?
-50 Gigglebytes.

My father who comes from a long line of clowns just retired and wants me to continue the family legacy.
-I’ve got some big shoes to fill

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