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Clown Jokes 🤡 in 2023

What do a clown and someone who snores have in common?
-Honk Shoe…. Honk Shoe….. Honk Shoe….

Why did the clown cross the road?
-To get his rubber chicken.

I’m a clown…
-And everyone nose.

What clown has killed more children than “It”?
-Ronald McDonald.

I’m starting a clown shoe store.
– It’s no small feat

It must suck having the world’s best clown as your Dad.
-You would have such big shoes to fill.

“Look Dad! The clowns are leaving the circus to go get food!”
-“Son how many times do I have to tell you? Those are called *Senators* leaving the *Capitol*”

A clown goes crazy and starts murdering everybody with a cast-iron skillet.
-Don’t get the joke? It’s deadpan humor.

“I hope my death would make for sense then my life”
– joker

Dude, that scary clown followed us to Wales.
-Welsh It.

You’re walking through the woods late at night, and come across a group of killer clowns. What’s the best move to keep yourself alive?
-Go for the juggler.

The best insult ever is, “Who is this clown?”
#1 – You are calling them a clown.
#2 – You are saying they are not even a well-known clown.

My friend asked me if I believe in killer clowns
-I replied, “No doubt about IT”

two cannibals are eating a clown, when one cannibal looks up and asks the other cannibal
-Does he taste funny to you?

Did you ever hear about the unfunny clown?
-He tried ten times to make the audience laugh, but no pun in ten did.

What did the shark say after eating a clown fish?
-This tastes a little funny.

Why did the clown not show up to work?
-He was feeling a little bit funny.

Two clowns are eating a cannibal.
– One turns to the other and says, “I think we got this joke wrong.”

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