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Clown Jokes ๐Ÿคก in 2021

If you are ever attacked by a group of clowns…
-Go for the juggler.

What do you call a demon clown that is good with small amounts of money?

Lots of people donโ€™t like my clown baton.
-But I think itโ€™s my jest stick.

I don’t like that clown from IT.
-He’s always fooling around and cracking jokes instead of fixing our computers.

Why did the clown through his clock out the window.
-Because he wanted to see time fly.

Clowns can no longer afford their ballonsโ€ฆ
-Because of inflation.

What do clowns fill their cars with?
– Laughing gas!

A blind clown is asked to perform at a childrenโ€™s hospital. He is led into the amputee ward and begins with some jokes, but not one child laughs.
-โ€œA song, perhaps,โ€ he thinks. โ€œThatโ€™ll cheer โ€˜em up!โ€
โ€œIfffffff youโ€™re happy and you know it….โ€

What do you do if youโ€™re ever attacked by a gang of clowns???
-Go for the juggler!!!

What does Winnie-the-Pooh and Bozo the Clown have in common?
-The same middle name.

What do you call a clown that saves money by being homeless?
-.Penny wise

What do you call a phobia of a clown wielding a chainsaw running straight at you?
-Common sense

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