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Sushi jokes 🍣 in 2024

Why did the sushi chef not want to talk about the accident at the restaurant?
– Because it was still very raw.

What do sushi makers have in common with Spanish pirates?
– They both seek fortuna.

What did the banner of the new sushi place say?
– We are now of-fish-ially open.

Why was the seaweed having a hard time at the restaurant?
– Because it could not sea properly.

When ordering soup in a Japanese restaurant and you happen to make a mistake just say, “Miso-sorry.”

My wife hated my obsession with Asian cuisine…
– Sushi left me.

Why did the rice not like the picture of the sushi?
– It was too grainy.

Where would you go to get maple sushi with poutine dipping sauce?
– Japanada

The two of you make very good friends. Ever since you met, he is soy into you.

If the sushi maker became rich, he would spend money on a luxury Rolls-rice.

What legend haunts the land of Sushi?
– The ghost of Sushima.

What did the whale say after trying the sushi?
– It’s killer.

What’s the best kind of pan to make sushi in?
– Japan

When she was asked how she would like her sushi done, she responded that she likes it raw.

How do you comfort a grieving sushi chef?
– Wasabi for your loss.

What did the seaweed say to the sticky rice when it saved the seaweed from falling off the roll?
– So rice of you.

What do you call a sushi chef’s assistant?
– A Sous-shi chef

What did the other sushi ingredients say when the seaweed did not come into work for a week?
– Long time, no sea.

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