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Sushi jokes 🍣 in 2023

Why did the girl not like sushi anymore?
– Because her liking was tempura-ry.

Why doesn’t Jesus eat sushi?
– Because tacos are more popular in Mexico.

Why did the sushi taste funny?
– Because it was made of clownfish.

The reason I loved his subject in undergrad is because it made miso happy.

It is on record that the world greatest sushi chef started his training at the age of tuna half.

My girlfriend used to be a vegan and post on r/vegan all the time. But then she got addicted to Sushi…
– And only posts on r/aww

My mother claims that raw fish keeps disappearing from our refrigerator
– It’s the Ghost of sushi, ma

Why did the seaweed smirk when the rice said it does not like to stick?
– Because it was i-raw-nical.

On the opening day of the restaurant, there was a huge banner at the entrance that read,
– ‘We’re o-fish-ally open!’

I asked my Sushi Chef what his favorite roll was. .
– he said payroll.

A detective recently came into town to visit the new sushi restaurant
– He heard there was a fishy business.

What did the Japanese cat think when he saw the aquarium?
– This is the new sushi bar.

What do you call it when you make sushi out of a Thesaurus?
– A synonym roll!

When the chef makes sushi, he does such a rice job.

Why do dinosaurs like sushi?
– Because they like their food ROAR!!!

What would you call a Greek philosopher who loves rice?
– Arisotto.

We were eating take-out sushi on the couch last night
And one of our kittens (7mo/f) starts nosing her away aggressively around our feet.

– 15/f daughter: ‘Oh kitty, what are you doing?’

– Me: ‘I think she’s fishing.’

We’ve lived many years as a family because we are soy happy together.

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