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Sushi jokes 🍣 in 2022

How does Lady Gaga like her sushi?
– Ra-ra-raw-raw Ra-ra-raw-raw.

What did the rice ball say when it got angry?
– That he will no longer be Mr Rice guy.

Why did all the seafood in the sushi restaurant live well together?
– Because they were soy happy.

If you order sushi in a Vietnamese restaurant,
– would that be considered a Pho pas?

When you are driving on busy roads, it is important to control your tempura.

What’s my favorite kind of sushi?
– Payroll

What did the rice ball get after being a tasty addition to the sushi?
– An honor roll.

Why did the sushi chef go to the capitol riots?
– To protest the Unagi Ration.

Why didn’t the seaweed get the job at the aquarium?
– Because it was acting fishy.

What a waste of money, that was the worst sushi of all time.
– It wasn’t even cooked.

What is a sushi’s favorite music genre?
– Rock and roll.

My girlfriend told me that if I took her to get sushi, I didn’t have to use a condom after.
– She’s getting the raw end of that deal!

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