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Halloween jokes 🎃 in 2023

What did the bird say on Halloween?
– Twick or tweet.

Why are all of Superman’s costumes tight?
– They’re all size S.

How do vampires get around on Halloween?
– On blood vessels.

Why are graveyards so noisy?
– Because of all the coffin.

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
– No body.

What do you call a dog who bites Queen Elsa?
– Wrap music

Who did the scary ghost invite to his party?
– Any old friend he could dig up!

What is a vampire’s pet peeve?
– A Tourniquet!

Why didn’t the vampire attack Taylor Swift?
-Because she had bad blood.

What did the fisherman say on Halloween?
-Trick or trout.

What do demons eat for breakfast?
– Deviled eggs.

The skeleton knew what would happen next
– he could just feel it in his bones.

Why does peter pan fly?
– ‘Cause he never never lands

Why do ghosts make the best cheerleaders?
-Because they have spirit.

How do ghosts wash their hair?
-With shamboo.

What’s a zombie’s favorite cereal?
– Rice Creepies.

Why are skeletons so good at chopping down trees?
-They’re LUMBARjacks!

What is a ghost’s favourite meal?
– Spook-ghetti.

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