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Tree Jokes 🌲 in 2023

What happens when a tree falls into mud?
-It leafs an impression.

A snare drum and a crash symbol fell out of a tree.

What do you get when you cross a tree with an artificial waterway?
-A root canal.

Why was the tree arrested?
– For shopleafting.

Why do trees make great thieves?
– Sticky fingers.

How do two rival forests get along?
-They sign a peace tree-ty

What did the single tree say to the tree who stood her up?
-You should have put a ring on it.

Why did the tree need to take a nap?
-For rest.

How do trees keep you in suspense?
-I’ll tell you tomorrow.

What did the tree say after he made an offer?
– Take it or leaf it.

What did Betula pendula say to her super-annoying sister?
– Leaf me alone, birch!

How many oranges grow on a tree?
– All of them.

Why did the Chesnut tree feel left out?
-It never got in on the oak.

Why can’t the lonely evergreen stop thinking about high school?
– She’s still pining to be one of the poplar kids.

What looks like half a tree?
-The other half.

What type of tree fits in your hand?
-A palm tree.

Why was the weeping willow so sad?
-It watched a sappy movie.

What type of fish falls from trees?

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