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Train jokes 🚅 in 2023

Everyone is in love with the train driver, he is very at-track-tive.

Why can’t train engineers get electrocuted?
– They’re not the conductor.

How do find out how heavy a whale is?
– By taking it to the whale weigh station

What happened to the boy who was doing a project on trains?
– He found it difficult to keep track of everything.

Remember the good old days of railways, when everyone had plenty of esteem.

It turns out that the truth was hidden in train sight.

The train driver is a cunning man, he’s always got a track up his sleeve.

The train driver’s mailbox is always full: he gets lots of freight mail.

The train company had safety issues for years but was always able to cover its tracks.

When does a rabbit go at exactly the same speed as a train.
– When it is one of the passengers on the train.

What’s the difference between a teacher and a railway security guard?
– One trains the mind, the other minds the trains…

The train conductor was feeling silly and decided to wear platform shoes to work.

No one would ever find out how hard he trained because he never got a platform to share it.

I used to be a railway engineer but I kept losing my train of thought and going down the wrong track.

What’s the difference between a teacher and a steam train?
– One tells you not to chew gum, while the other says “Choo-choo”.

I know an elephant who refused to travel by train because he didn’t want to leave his trunk in the baggage car.

I was able to pick up a few railway buffers for cheap the other day.
– I took advantage of an end-of-the-line sale.

Always keep an eye on train puns, they can go off the rails without warning.

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