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Train jokes 🚅 in 2022

Knock, knock!
– Who’s there?
– Quintus.
– Quintus who?
– Quintus the next train leave?

A train can only think about one thing at a time,
– it has a one track mind.

The driver is a resilient guy; he always gets track on his feet.

Train drivers are known for their engine-uity!

What did the mother steam engine say to her baby to get her to eat?
– “Here comes the choo choo train!”

What happened to the man who took the evening train home?
– He had to give it back.

Driving trains is harder than it steams!

Even a train driver needs a brake once in a while, to let off some steam.

The conductor kept telling me funny train puns, and it was hard to keep a freight face.

Anyone who steals a train would definitely have a locomotive.

How do trains hear?
– Through their engineers.

Train drivers are really scary when they get angry; you’ve got to be careful not to yank their train.

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