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4th Of July jokes โœจ in 2021

What did a patriot put on his dry skin?
– Revo-lotion!

My wife always asked me to skip the BBQ party in order to watch the freedom parade with her.
– Seems like a big missed-steak if you ask me!

What do you get when a dinosaur and fireworks collide?
– A dino-mite.

What would happen if you crossed Washingtonโ€™s house with a swarm of nasty insects?
– Mt. Vermin

Which is the most patriotic tea that Americans like to drink?
– It’s liber-tea.

How come there arenโ€™t any knock-knock jokes about America?
– Because freedom rings.

Since itโ€™s the fourth of July,
– letโ€™s indepen-dance the night away!

Youโ€™re my Independence bae.

Which flag has the highest rating?
– The flag of the United States of America because it has gotten 50 stars.

How do pandas manage to stay cool during Independence Day?
– They use bear conditioning

What do our flag and a sad candy cane have in common?
– They are both red, white, and blue.

During the 4th of July party for dogs,
– one dog said to another, โ€œDear hot dog, you are really so barbie-cute.โ€

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