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Gnome jokes in 2023

Did you hear about the gnome city that doesn’t let humans through the gates?
– They call it Gno-man’s-land.

What did the gnome say to the traffic cop who pulled him over?
– Do you gnome who I am?

Who is a gnome’s favorite detective?
– Sherlock Gnomes.

What do you call a gnome that lives in the city?
– A metrognome!

Why are so many gnomes successful?
– Good things come to gnomes who wait.

What’s the number one song on the gnome’s country-western chart?
– Country roads take me gnome.

Why do gnomes often go to banks?
– To take out a gnome equity loan.

Why are gnomes so pragmatic?
– They don’t have tall tales.

Why are gnomes often indecisive?
– They can’t decide between yes, gnome, and maybe.

Why are gnomes rubbish rappers?
– They have gnome rhyme and gnome reason.

Why do sverfneblin make the best philosophers?
– Because they’re deep gnomes.

Did you hear about the little guy compelled to clap in time whenever he was on the Paris underground?
– He was a Métro gnome.

What’s the most common phrase used by teachers in a gnome school?
– It’s a little gnome fact.

What line in an alien movie do gnomes love the most?
– “ET phone gnome.”

What do you call a gnome in a clothes dryer?
– A fidgety midget spinner.

what do you call a physic gnome who escaped from prison?
– a small medium at large.

When in gnomes, do as the gnomans do.

What are gnome’s favorite historical societies?
– The Gno-man empire.

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