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Gnome jokes in 2022

What do you call a football stadium for gnomes?
– The astro-gnome.

Why are so many gnomes happy regardless of today’s news?
– Gnome news is good news.

What do you get if you cross a gnome and a tauren?
– A mini-taur.

For Halloween, my vertically challenged friend dressed like a garden decoration, but made the whole costume out of denim.
– He’s the human jean gnome.

How do many desperate gnomes raise funds?
– They start a gnome fund me campaign.

Did you hear about the troupe of gnome dancers that robbed half the city blind?
– They had a good run, but the jig is up.

Have you met Finnegan the Tinker?
– Never met him. Don’t gno’m.

When is a gnome not a gnome?
When his head is between your legs.
– Then he’s a goblin

Why do gnomes often like to go shopping?
– Because some of the stores offer gnome money down deals.

Why do the police often ignore the testimony of gnomes?
– They don’t trust gnome one.

Did ya hear the one about the Troll who tried to pay for dinner with a gnome?
– He came up short on the bill.

What do you call a musical gnome that cares a lot about its appearance?
– A metrognome

What do you call a gnome who’s been burglarized?
– A gnome invasion.

Why did the gnome take the subway to work?
– Because a metro-gnome is always on time.

What do you call a gnome priest?
– A compact disc.

I love cooking meat for tiny men…
– …make gnome a steak.

Where do gnomes buy most of their appliances?
– At Gnome Depot.

What race makes for the edgiest bards?
– Rock gnomes.

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