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Robot jokes 🤖 in 2022

What’s a robot’s favourite exercise?
– Circuit training.

How many letters are there in the robot alphabet?
– Two – 0 and 1!

How do you make a robot angry?
– Push its buttons.

What happens to robots after they go defunct?
– They rust in peace!

Why did the robot get in trouble?
– He was a resistor!

How do robots eat pizza?
– One byte at a time.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Ar, who?

What do robots wear in winter?
– Ro-boots.

What restaurant did the robot go to?
– Megabytes.

Why do robots make bad teachers?
– They just drone on and on!

What did the lady robot ask her husband when she tried on some new jeans?
– Does my bot look big in this?

Where do robots sit?
– On their robottoms!

What name should you never call a robot?
– Rusty.

Why did the robot go on vacation?
– To recharge her batteries.

How do robots pay for things?
– With cache, of course!

What was the robot charged with?
– Assault and battery.

What is a baby robot’s first word?
– Data.

What do robots drink from?
– A ro-bottle

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