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Robot jokes 🤖 in 2023

What do you call a robot pirate?
– Arrgghhh2-D2.

What’s a robot’s favourite exercise?
– Circuit training.

What do you get if you cross a robot with a tractor?
– A trans-farmer.

Why did the robot chicken cross the road?
– He was programmed to do it!

What happens to robots who become defunct?
– They die-ode!

What is the name of Optimus Primes’ wife?
– Optimus Prim!

What’s a robot’s favourite dance?
– The Roomba.

Why did the robot go to the bank?
– He’d spent all his cache.

What do you call a robot that’s programmed to make scarves and blankets?
– An extermin-knitter!

What does a robot do at lunchtime?
– It has a megabyte.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
I, who?
I am robot!

Why are robots shy?
– Because they’ve got hardware and software but no underwear.

What do you call it when two robots eat in a restaurant together?
– A dinner data.

Why did the robot get upset?
– Because everyone was pushing his buttons!

What did the robot say to his crush?
– I like you a bot!

What do you call a robot who lives at the North Pole?
– A snow-bot!

Why did the robot fall in love with the magnet?
– They couldn’t resist their magnetic attraction.

Why isn’t anyone scared of the robot dog?
– His bark is worse than his byte.

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