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Goat Jokes 🐐 in 2022

What did the goat love watching every Saturday night?
– Americas Goat Talent.

What do you call a goat with a pancreatic disorder?

Why did the farmer stop stuffing goats into his truck?
-There was no more ruminant.

A female sheep walks into a bar with a baby cow and a baby goat
-Bartender says: Ewe Calf to be Kidding me!

What do you call a mountain goat?
– A hill-billy.

You should be nice to goats and show patience
-they are just kids.

A lion is about to eat a goat
-The goat says, “Please spare me and convert to christianity.”

The lion says, “Goat to hell!”

What do you call a lazy goat?
– Billy Idle.

What did everyone call the goat that sailed around the world?
– Billy Ocean.

I was banging a goat and I asked her if she was into it,
-she said: Mehhhh

Why are goats from France musical?
-Because they have French horns.

What kind of goat is always acting like a fool?
– A silly billy.

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