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Hurricane jokes in 2022

Where do squirrels go in a hurricane?
– All over the place!

What did Hurricane Tyrone say as it made landfall?
– Where the white beaches at?!?

I asked my Hindu friend whether he plans to evacuate for Hurricane Florence.
– He said, Na-ama-ste.

Mc’Donalds in hurricanes
– No wonder McDonalds places are still open during hurricane sandy. None off their customers can blow away anyways

Why was Batman in Texas trying to stop the Hurricane?
– Because it kept leaving Harvey Dents everywhere

Why is a marriage like a hurricane?
– At the beginning there’s a lot of blowing, and when it’s over your house is gone…

What’s one thing you need to watch out for during a Jewish hurricane?
– The flying de-bris

Where do squirrels go in a hurricane?
– All over the place.

Hurricane Joaquin
– This Category 3 Storm is likely to hit the Eastern US this week.
– Good news for Arizona residents: you will not be affected by Joaquin, Phoenix.

Hurricane Irma
– Right now Irma is signaling for a left turn.
– But it’s Florida so, you know, you can’t really be sure whats going to happen.

The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center.
– So does a person.

You hear about the new drink called The Hurricane Dorian?
– It’s just a watered down Bahama Mama..

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