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Minecraft jokes 🧟 in 2024

How does Steve stay in shape?
– He runs around the BLOCK.

If minecraft taught me one thing…
-It’s to never spend diamonds on a hoe.

Everyone’s excited for the new Minecraft movie.
-It’s sure to be a real blockbuster

What do you call a Zombie Pigman that steals your sword and armor?
-A HAMburglar.

Are you a chest?
– Because I’ve got a lot to put in you.

Why do kids love Minecraft
-Because they are Minors.

Who has mind stone
-Minecraft Steve, because he has mined stone

My son wanted an intense, hardcore game, where you have build awesome bases, fight monsters, and online play.
-So I got him Minecraft.

How do you know Minecraft Steve is interested in a a girl?
-He looks at her chest.

What do Minecraft, Instagram, and Snapchat have in common?
-They all have a story mode

What genre would a Minecraft Movie be?
– A Block-buster

I’m trying to make a meme on breaking bedrock in Minecraft
-But it’s way to hard

My first date told me to just be myself 100%
-So I went home and started playing some Minecraft

Did you hear they finally added portals to Minecraft PE
-Better late than nether.

What did they call the Minecraft player who built a clock in-game to chime at 4:20?
– A Redstoner.

If there’s one thing minecraft has taught us
– It’s that you don’t waste diamonds on a hoe

What’s the difference between Minecraft and Lovecraft?
-Apparently not much based on Notch’s twitter

How much money did the rodeo bronco have?
– A buck.

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