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Gen Z jokes 🧒 in 2022

What does a Gen Z dog say when something bad happens?
– Woof

What does Gen Z have in common with the Greatest Generation?
– They consider it a great achievement if they survive childhood without getting shot.

A Gen Z kid and a boomer walk into a bar
– They sit down and the Gen Z kid orders from the gluten free vegan menu and the boomer orders a T-Bone steak.

They start chatting and the Gen Z kid says that social justice issues are the biggest problem facing the world, and that the white supremacist patriarchy is a plague on society. >
The boomer waves this off and says the kids these days are just too sensitive, and that he fought for civil rights in the sixties and did his part.

They go back and forth on this for a while, and finally the Gen Z kid says, “we’re just not gonna settle this. We don’t see eye to eye. You’re too old and out of touch and I’m too young and inexperienced. What we need to do is ask a Millennial with a PhD in sociology for their opinion.”

The boomer says, “that’s a great idea!” And yells, “HEY BARTENDER, C’MERE!”

After Gen Z the next generation will be Gen AA
– We’re gonna have a lot of alcoholics when the Trump era is over

Coronavirus is all Gen Z’s fault
– They wanted everything to go viral, now look what’s happened.

A boomer, a millennial, and a Gen Z kid walk into a bar
– They sit down at a table and order a bottle of whiskey. The boomer pours a tall glass for himself and says, “There ain’t no social security left, so I’m pouring myself a big glass of whiskey!” Then, the millennial grabs the bottle an pours a medium sized glass and says, “I’ve got $100,000 in student loans and no one is hiring so I’M pouring myself a big glass of whiskey!” They both turn to the Gen Z kid and say “what about you? What are you drinking for?” The Gen Z kid holds up the empty bottle and says, “Nothing, you guys drank it all.”

Jennie asked Forest, “if the last three generations were named X, Y, and Z, what was the first generation named?” His response:
– Gen A

I’m going to tell my Gen Z friend a joke about Social Security…
…but he probably won’t get it.

Does Forrest Gump belong to Gen X, Gen Y, or Gen Z?
– Nope. He belongs to Gen A.

Kids in Gen Z don’t get Tourette’s…
– They get Touryeet’s

How do you ground a gen z?
– Make them go outside and socialize.

What would Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia be called if it was done by Gen Z’s?
– Vibe Czech

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