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Llama jokes 🦙 in 2022

Why don’t llamas like singing with backing music?
– They prefer to sing alpacapella

When someone says something obvious to a llama, they say “No spit, Sherlock.”

A really big llama should actually be called a wooly mammoth.

Did you hear about the llama who wrote a book?
– He was a woolly thinker.

Did you hear about the woman who broke up with her boyfriend and moved to Peru?
– What a llama queen

Why did the llama cross the road?
– It was the chicken’s day off.

A llama country run by a governing constitution voted by the llamas and not a monarch is called a dipllamacy.

The llama who started an advice column was really good at solving dillamas.

What’s a llama’s favorite song?
– Llama Chameleon

Who is the llama spiritual leader?
– The Dalai Llama

What do you call a very fast llama?
– A Llamagini

When the vicuña asked the llama why he knew so many jokes, he said “Well, Llama funny guy.”

A broker llama usually goes to Wool Street to work.

Who is a llama’s favorite president?
– Barack Ollama

What actor do llamas love?
– Al Pacacino

The secret llama society that controls the world from behind the scenes is called the Illamanati.

A llama doorbell sounds like, “Llama-llama-ding-dong! Llama-ding-dong”

Did you hear about the llama who wouldn’t go outside because her hair was messy?
– She’s such a llama queen!

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