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Fortnite Jokes 🔫 in 2022

Why do the Chinese hate playing the game Fortnite?
-Because of Ninja.

Why do skeletons not know how to play Fortnite?
-Because they don’t have skins!

Why is playing Fortnite like watching X-Men?
-You know that Storm is coming…

Why is Fortnite such a tough game to master?
-Because of all the fort-ifications!

Why can’t you use Fortnite as a password?
-It’s two week

What type of dinosaur plays fortnite?
-A flossoraptor!

What is a Fortnite gamer’s favorite Disney character?

Where do whiny Fortnite players get dropped in the game?
– Salty Towers!

Why was the Walmart cashier good at playing Fortnite?
– Because he was an expert at tagging!

Skeletons are rubbish at Fortnite..
-They’ve got no skins!

Why do Fortnite gamers have great teeth?
-Because they love to floss at any given opportunity.

Fortnite Season 11 has been delayed
– Epic fail

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