Fortnite Jokes ๐Ÿ”ซ in 2021

Why were the thieves annoyed after returning empty-handed from the alphabet factory?
-Because all they got was the L.

Why did the Pirate start playing Fortnite?asked, “What is wrong with me?”
-Because he wanted to loot the Viking Vessel!

How do the animals enter an arc in Fortnite?
-One by one!

What did Batman say to Robin before he got into the car?
– Robin get in the car!

Why is the game called Fortnite?
-Because thatโ€™s how long it takes for a person to get bored of it!

What do you call a person who plays Fortnite in the day time?
-A babysitter.

Why are strikers no good at Fortnite?
-They never battle passโ€ฆ

Why does everyone in Japan know about Fortnite?
-Because of the Ninja.

What’s the similarity between jokes about Fortnite and Fortnite players?
– Neither will grow old!

Why can’t you use Fortnite as a password?
-It’s two week

What does a Fortnite gamer use to turn on his Television?
-An Emote control.

Why did the royal Fortnite player sleep in a castle at night?
– Because that was his fort right!


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