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Bug jokes ๐ŸฆŸ in 2022

A moth flew into my entrance door today and fell to the ground.
– I was able to resurrect him using mouth to moth breathing techniques.

My niece asked me for some insect puns.
– I just hope that they donโ€™t fly over her head.

Aโ€™s are actually like flowers.
– It’s because the beeโ€™s usually come after them.

Where do ghosts scare away all insects?
– In Boo-da-pest.

Why did the fly fly away?
– Because it saw that the spider had spied on her.

What is the difference between fleas and dogs?
– Dogs can have fleas but fleas canโ€™t have dogs!

I had a friend who was a CIA agent.
– One day she arrived at a hotel in Egypt, where dead insects were all over the floor.
– She was sweeping for bugs all day.

I saw some bees going to school today.
– They were on a school buzz.

What did the giant ant decide to name his son?
– Eleph-ant.

Where would you put an injured insect?
– In an antbulance!

What did the other bugs call the bug who wanted to be an astronaut?
– A LUNAtick

My mother recently bought a trap to help with our bug infestation problem.
– But it wasn’t successful.
– I let her know that we need to find some different ANTS-ers.

What insect is bad at football?
– The fumblebee

What kind of insect falls over the most?
– A tumble-bee

What do you call a cheerful flea?
– A hop-timist!

I don’t like any insects, huge or small.
– They really bug me.

Today I saw a rabbit that had beetles all over it.
– It was a Bugs Bunny.

What insect is the hardest to understand?
– A mumble-bee.

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