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Bug jokes ๐ŸฆŸ in 2022

A moth flew into my entrance door today and fell to the ground.
– I was able to resurrect him using mouth to moth breathing techniques.

My brother was very nervous because he ate some insects.
– He felt like he had butterflies in his stomach.

What do we call an insect that is good at everything?
– A slaying mantis.

When do all the spiders go on their honeymoon?
– They go after their ‘webbing’ day.

What do you get if you cross a centipede and a parrot?
– A walkie talkie!

The teacher entered the classroom and saw that there were some insect puns written on the blackboard. He turned to Bobby and asked, “Did you write it?
– ” To which, Bobby replied, “no, katydid.”

There’s a similarity between a baseball player and a spider.
– They can both catch a fly.

What medicine do insects have to regularly take?
– Antacids.

What does a frog like to eat the most?
– French flies.

Two fleas where running across the top of a cereal packet? โ€œWhy are we running so fast?โ€ said one.
– Because it says โ€œTear along the dotted line.โ€

I doubted a gorgon when it told me that it had the ability to turn me into an insect grip.
– But then I looked at her face, and now I am a bee lever.

There were two beetles who were born as brothers.
– One travelled the world, made friends, and was an inspiration to other insects while the other ended up in jail.
– The first brother seems to be the lesser of two weevils.

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