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Egg Jokes 🥚🍳 in 2022

Why can’t eggs keep secrets?
-Because they tend to crack under pressure

I had a hen that could count her own eggs.
-She was a Mathmachicken.

What’s it called when you fry up an egg with a bunch of different ingredients?
– Omelette you figure it out

I can’t find my egg beater.
-It’s like someone just whisked it away.

Why do the French only have one egg with breakfast?
-Because one egg is un oeuf

A man picks up a woman from the bar and takes her home for the night. They have a great night together. In the morning, he’s getting off the bed and asks her, “How do you like your eggs in the morning?”
– The woman says, “Unfertilized”.

What do you do to a murderous egg?
-You egg-secute it!

My chickens were laying to many eggs so I had to sell their coop.
– They now have a chicken sedan.

I want to repaint my room a shade of white…:
– …but I can’t decide between “eggshell”, “beige”, or “2016 Oscars”..”

Two eggs in a frying pan
-One says to the other; “wow! It’s warm in here!”
The other replies “Argh!!! A talking egg!”

Best pickup line: How do you like your eggs in the morning…

At the risk of getting egg on my face and being too cheesy.
– Omelette au fromage.

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