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Travel jokes ✈️🧳 in 2023

Why did the witch stay in a hotel?
– She heard they had great broom service!

I told a few jokes to some unemployed friends of mine, non of them worked though.

Can you think of something that is brown, and very sticky?
– A stick.

My rabbit was upset at the airport today,
– he missed his Hareplane!

I was livid when my boomerang didn’t come back.
– Then I realized it was just a stick.

How did the shell celebrate its birthday?
– It had a shell-ebration on the beach!

Where do sharks go on holiday?
– Finland.

Due to travel restrictions this year…
– United States had to organize coups at home

I need 6 months of vacation. Twice a year.

All my neighbors are crazy about this new broom they’ve bought. It’s sweeping the nation!

I had too much fun exploring Romania,
– after a while, I needed to Buch-a-rest!

When in Mexico…
– Bean there, eat that.

What kind of luggage does a vulture use for traveling?
– Carrion bags.

We need all the Lucknow more than ever before..

My girlfriend complained last night that I never listen to her…
– or something along those lines.

A witch drove me to the airport this weekend.
– The only noise the engine made was broom broom!

What does a neckbeard say when he travels south of Thailand?
– Malaysian

I’m hiring a group of time travellers to come on an epic mission to fight crime across the 4th dimension.
– If you’re interested, interview was yesterday

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