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Travel jokes ✈️🧳 in 2024

Why did the witch stay in a hotel?
– She heard they had great broom service!

I told a few jokes to some unemployed friends of mine, non of them worked though.

Can you think of something that is brown, and very sticky?
– A stick.

My rabbit was upset at the airport today,
– he missed his Hareplane!

I tried to plan my vacation with a broken pencil,
– it was absolutely pointless though.

What did the volcano write on a valentines day car?
– I lava you so much!

When in Rome…
– It’s impossible to ruin this view!

With the massive downturn in international travel, aircraft manufacturer Fokker has started developing planes for the military. Their latest is a small, super stealthy reconnaissance plane that is almost undetectable!
– It’s called the Sneaky Little Fokker.

You’ve never felt true fear until your passport isn’t where you think you left it.

I met the guy that invented the door knocker recently.
– He got awarded a no-bell prize.

My friend won’t stop talking to me about oceans,
– he’s got a very pacific interest in them!

When in Vietnam…
– Have a rice day.

I invented time travel and killed my grandfather to see if I wouldn’t be born
– It’s the worst way to get to know I’m adopted..

DUBAI your masks and gloves and wear them?

What do you call a traveler that doesn’t lose its temper?
– A nomad.

Where do cows go on vacation?
– Moo York!

I’ve been traveling through time so much
– that I even forgot what I had for tomorrow’s breakfast.

A bartender said “Sorry, we don’t serve time travellers”.
– Two time travellers walk into a bar

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