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Travel jokes ✈️🧳 in 2022

Why did the witch stay in a hotel?
– She heard they had great broom service!

The cheese factory in my town collapsed last week.
– All that was left was de Brie!

Have you been to the salt flats in South America?
– I couldn’t Bolivia what I was seeing!

When in France…
– I will travel to France. You know why? Because I have nothing Toulouse.

These Covid travel restrictions are getting a bit much..
.. things are so bad, the US had to organise a coup at home!

I’m sorry, but Iran out of travel puns.

Why haven’t we had alien visitors to Earth?
– It’s good bad ratings – one star.

I had a hard time deciding which beach to go to on vacation.
– I just wasn’t shore which one to choose!

I finally listened to my mom, and took the road less traveled.
– I totally missed all the signs about the freeway still being under construction.

I’m currently hiring teenagers with expertise in time travel.
– 20+ years of experience required.

I tried to plan my vacation with a broken pencil,
– it was absolutely pointless though.

What did the volcano write on a valentines day car?
– I lava you so much!

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