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Travel jokes ✈️🧳 in 2022

Why did the witch stay in a hotel?
– She heard they had great broom service!

I told a few jokes to some unemployed friends of mine, non of them worked though.

Can you think of something that is brown, and very sticky?
– A stick.

My rabbit was upset at the airport today,
– he missed his Hareplane!

Did you hear about the crime committed by the artist?
– Details are sketchy.

My fear of moving stairs just never stops escalating.

The only thing that travels faster than light is…

– Your weekend.

When traveling through nature, it’s always smart to bring a seasoned hiker with you.
– It’s a well known fact that bears find unseasoned hikers bland and tasteless.

I’ve been Washington’s of utensils.

What did the watch say to the other watch on a plane?
– Wow, time flies!

What happens when you wear a watch on a plane?
– Time flies!

What do you call a person that travels a lot and never gets angry?
– A nomad

I would tell y’all a joke about time travel…
– But y’all didn’t like it

Two sharks are inside a tank. One of them asks the other,
– “any idea how to drive this thing?”

What did the bean say to the other bean when it came back from vacation?
– How have you bean.

I just a-door this city!

Back when the pandemic first hit, I had to tell my suitcase that my travel plans were cancelled.
– Since then, I’ve constantly had to deal with emotional baggage.

Wives are now Cochin their husbands new skills (dish washing, mopping?)

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