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Shoe jokes 👟👠 in 2022

Which are Captain Hook’s least favourite shoes?
– Crocs.

What type of shoes does a bully hate?
– A goody two shoes.

Where can you find a free pair of designer shoes in any size?
– The mosque

What’s a foot long, made of leather and sounds like a sneeze?
– A shoe.

The old woman who lived in a shoe wasn’t the sole owner.
– There still were strings attached.

What happened when the teacher tied all the children’s shoelaces together?
– They went on a class trip.

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Why did the Grim Reaper go to the shoe repair shop?
– To get some soles!

A man using Apple maps walks into a bar
– Or a pharmacy, or maybe a shoe store.

Which animal sleeps with its shoes on?
– A horse.

“For sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”
– —Any Reputable Baby Shoe Salesman

How can you tell if a computer scientist is an extrovert?
– They stare at your shoes instead of staring at their own

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