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Sailor jokes ⛵ in 2024

What is the name of the boat that is famous among people?
– Relation-ship.

Why was the kid so happy about dreaming of sailing in a sea full of soda?
– Because it was just a Fanta-sea.

Where did the flying boat land?
– At the air-port.

Where do zombies go sailing?
– In the Dead Sea.

What is so fascinating about the iceberg named Bluetooth?
– Any ship that will go near it will sync!

I’m sorry, but this boat is knot for sail.

Where do ghosts like to go sailing?
– Lake Eerie

How old was the sailboat?
– Wind Age. (Windage is the wind resistance of a boat)

What do you do with a drunker sailor?
– Worry he’s gonna get wrecked!

What was the name of the boat filled with football players?
– Sportsman-ship.

What happened to the Spanish guy who was on a cruise ship?
– He got lost at ‘Si.’

Forever in need of some vitamin sea.

How big was the shipwrecked sailboat?
– It was capsized.

How do boats say hello to one another?
– They wave!

What is the name of the boat made of stones?
– A hard-ship.

What activity do zombies like to do on a cruise ship?
– They like to shuffle-board!

Where did the Monkees keep their sailing gear?
– In Davy Jones’ Locker.

Why did the sailor bring a salt shaker with him?
– To put it on the leach. (leach is the after edge of a sail, and a blood sucking animal)

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