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Sailor jokes ⛵ in 2022

Don’t worry. Schooner or later, you’ll learn to sail!

What does BOAT stand for?
– Break out another thousand.

What do you call a boat with AI?
– Row-bot.

Why did the baseball player bring his gear on the sailboat?
– He was told he might have to batten down the hatches.

Why wasn’t the sailboat ever happy?
– It wasn’t a Jolly Boat! (Jolly boats are a type of barge).

How do you rejuvenate an old boat?
– Boat-tox.

What is the name of the sail that has only two corners?
– “I do not have a clew!”

Sea ya later.

Why did the sailing instructor jump into the lake?
– She wanted to test the water!

Why was the sailor so early for the party?
– He got there Schooner than expected.

Why did the dolphin chase the boat?
– To find its porpoise!

From where did Captain Hook buy his hook?
– At a second-hand store.

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