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Sailor jokes ⛵ in 2023

What is the name of the boat that is famous among people?
– Relation-ship.

Why was the kid so happy about dreaming of sailing in a sea full of soda?
– Because it was just a Fanta-sea.

Where did the flying boat land?
– At the air-port.

Why did the dolphin chase the boat?
– To find its porpoise!

From where did Captain Hook buy his hook?
– At a second-hand store.

Where there is a wave, there is a way.

When did the sailor get a knockout?
– When he was boxing the compass.

Why do pirates have such a hard time remembering the alphabet?
– They get lost at “C”.

How was the sailing business going on in the boat?
– The sails were going through the roof!

What was the sailor getting ready to do?
– To warship!

What do you call a boat that doesn’t use naughty words?
– A censor-ship.

What did the sailor say when the Coast Guard accused him of speeding?
– I did knot!

Where do zombies go sailing?
– In the Dead Sea.

What is so fascinating about the iceberg named Bluetooth?
– Any ship that will go near it will sync!

I’m sorry, but this boat is knot for sail.

Where do ghosts like to go sailing?
– Lake Eerie

How old was the sailboat?
– Wind Age. (Windage is the wind resistance of a boat)

What do you do with a drunker sailor?
– Worry he’s gonna get wrecked!

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