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Sailor jokes ⛵ in 2022

How was the boat turned into a party boat?
– Through pier pressure.

What do you call a ship that blinks a lot?
– A lighthouse.

Thanks for making sure we do not sink.

Who is the author of the book “How to Sail”
– Bo Ting.

Guy at the Marina: “So which of these boats is the one I won in the dice game?”
– “Yacht C,” the attendant says.
– “No. Craps!”

What is the most crowded and caring boat called?
– A friend-ship.

What does Captain Jack Sparrow usually cook?
– Pyrex of the Caribbean.

Why did the sailor keep his money on an elevated sea floor?
– It was a bank.

What do you call a sailor when he sits in a wooden crate?
– A Jack in the box.

What did they call the boat that refused to let sea men on?
– Censor-ship.

What kind of detergent do sailors use the most?
– Tide.

Literally sailing into the sunset, and how?

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