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Sailor jokes ⛵ in 2024

Where did the flying boat land?
– At the air-port.

What is the name of the boat that is famous among people?
– Relation-ship.

Why was the kid so happy about dreaming of sailing in a sea full of soda?
– Because it was just a Fanta-sea.

What music system did the sailors use the most?
– A boat player!

Ferry impressive!

How do ocean sailors say hello to each other?
– They wave.

Guy goes out on a friends yacht and asks, “don’t these cheap yachts sink all the time.”
– His brother answers: “All the time? If it’s gonna sink, it’ll only be once!”

What was the name of the pirate that did not fear the tides?
– Johnny Depth.

What did the boat say to the other boat?
– “Can I get a free pass on row-mance?”

Why was the sailor broke?
– The captain docked his pay.

Why did the angry sail fall down?
– It blew a gasket.

I went to the Black Friday sale at the boat store.
– It was quite an oar deal.

Why are boats not weirded out by another boat and their activities?
– Because they respect whatever floats each other’s boats.

Why did the sailor fall asleep?
– Because he went for snore-kling!

How did the priest sink the brand new sailboat?
– He christened it with holey water.

When do sailors eat dinner?
– Maritime.

What was the name of the dentist’s office, which got opened on a boat?
– The tooth ferry.

What do the sailors use to clean their noses when they have a cold?
– Anchor-chiefs!

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