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Volleyball Jokes 🏐 in 2022

The most horrible statement for a volleyball player by his friends could be
-You are blocked now.

Why can’t fish play volleyball?
-Because they are afraid of the net.

Why are volleyball players like lawyers?
-Because they always try to avoid faults and pass the blame.

What do you do when you play a volleyball team of Satanists?
-You beat the Hell out of them.

Who directed the movie about Volleyball injuries?
-Spike Lee

Try not to play volleyball in court
– because you can easily get arrested.

Need help with volleyball team names
-It probably needs to be PG-13

You should call us butter because we are on a roll
-This would be one of the best volleyball puns to put on a T-shirt.

Yesterday, a volley player got arrested.
-He was suspicious of foul play.

Ultimately, the volleyball player decided to join the marines
-because her heart was out to serve the country.

A volleyball coach and a dentist kind of do the same thing.
-They both use drills.

What do you do when you play the National Volleyball Team?
-You wear football helmets

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