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Toilet Paper jokes 🧻 in 2022

why did not the toilet paper make it across the road
-to excape the corano virise

What does the starship Enterprise & toilet paper have in common?
– they both circle looking for Kling-Ons!

Toilet paper cried
-across the road

Why could the toilet paper not stop?
– Because it was on a roll.

the toilet paper tried to cross the road
-he couldnt because he was stuck in a CRACK

You dropped your toilet paper right and you you want to pick it up
-p but you can’t because you have 💩 poop in your but and it scwoshd

Why was the toilet paper sad?
-It got wiped out.

Ran out of toilet paper so had to start using lettuce leaves
-…today was the tip of the iceberg

why did the toilet paper cross the road A.
– it did not want to get stuck in a crack

Where does toilet paper come from?
– Toiletries.

How can toilet paper decorate your house
-Shit sticks everywhere

I saw some toilet paper rolls rolling in the wind.

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