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Pug jokes 🐾 in 2023

What’s a musical instrument that all pugs can play?
– The Trom-bone

What do you call a pug that’s been in the sun all day?
– A hot dog

Whats large grey and makes no difference to pugs?
A: Never mind, it’s irrelliphant!

How to you turn a pug into a watchdog?
– You give him a Rolex.

Pete Townshend and Keith Moon were arrested last night after releasing 1000 pugs from a cosmetic company’s testing facility.
– The Who let the dogs out.

Sorry, I pugged the toilet.

My DNA results came back 39% German, 27% Irish, 19% Beagle and 15% Pug.
– Turns out my dog licked my sample.

Sometimes pug memes and puns are terrible. In fact, I find them re-pug-nant.

Why do Pug Vampires believe everything you tell them?
A: Because their suckers!

Where do pugs go after they lose their tail?
– The re-tail store

What do you call a husky/pug mix?
– A hug!

After a long day at work, the man returns to his home to find that his dog had trashed his living. He yelled, ” For pugs sake, this is the third time this week!”

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day while my wife was there
I said to her, ‘my nose is getting bigger every day, so is my belly, I’ve got more wrinkles than a pug, I’ve got more hair coming out of my nose than I’ve got on my head, the skin on my neck is so loose I look like a turkey. I could really use a compliment.’

My wife said, ‘your eyesight is absolutely perfect.’

Did you hear about the pug who played piano?
A: His Bach was worse than his bite!

Why dont pugs write with dull pencils?
A: Because there’s no point!

If you dress up a pug like gru from despicable me
– You get a group hug.

My pug farted while on the elevator. It was wrong on so many levels!

Imagine the disappointment when if a wolf knew it’s descendant would be a pug
– That’s how your grandpa feels when he sees your man bun

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