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Spring jokes 🌼🍀🌸 in 2023

Did you hear about the mama bedbug?
– She’s having a baby in the spring.

Q: What did the mother worm say to the little worm who was late?
– A: Where in earth have you been?”

How excited was the gardener about spring?
– So excited he wet his plants.

To celebrate the end of winter, my local bed shop is having a spring sale.
– The rest of the bed is still full price though

What do you call a rabbit who’s angry he’s been burnt?
– A hot cross bunny.

Why is the letter A like a flower?
– The B comes after it!

Q: Why are maple trees so forgiving?
– A: Every Fall they “Let It Go”

What’s a baby chick’s favorite plant?
– Egg-plants!

Just finished my spring cleaning.
– Sometimes I wish I’d never bought a Slinky.

What do you call a rabbit that’s got fleas?
– Bugs bunny.

What falls but never gets hurt?
– The rain

Q: What falls but never gets hurt?
– A: The rain!

Q: Name a bow that can’t be tied.
– A: A rainbow

What’s the difference between a spring roll and a summer roll?
– Seasoning

Why do they call it Spring?
– Because the weather bounces around more than a Slinky.

What did summer say to spring?
– Help, I’m about to fall.

What did the spring say to the airplane?
– Boeing!!

Q: When is it impossible to plant flowers?
– A: When you haven’t botany.

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