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Plumber jokes 🚽👨‍🔧 in 2022

How many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
– A boss to tell the plumber, a plumber to tell the helper, and a helper to get the electrician to do it.

Why shouldn’t we ever ask a plumber about the pipes?
– Because they might mis-lead us!

The plumber was sad as the pandemic had caused his business to go down the toilet!

Why are so many plumbers Australians?
– This is because they love going down under!

What do you call a bathroom superhero (or superheroine)?
– Flush Gordon.

Why was the tap dancer’s sink not working properly?
– Because the sink was clog-ged!

In the local police station, a thief stole all the toilets.
– Now, the cops have nothing that they can go on!

How many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb on Sunday?
– None, because you won’t find any plumbers on a Sunday!

Where does a redneck plumber usually live?
– They usually live in wranches!

A plumber is the only guy I know who can take a leak and fix one too!

What is the main plumbing issue that Eskimos face in their igloos?
– They have the problem of frozen pipes!

The plumber had come to fix my water problem in the kitchen.
– He told me not to worry because it was all water under the fridge!

What was the reason for the shoe showroom calling the plumber?
– They had found a clog in their drain!

How are doctors and plumbers alike?
– They both bury their mistakes.

How does a plumber break the ice?
– Butt crack a joke.

Why are plumbers addicted to tobacco?
– Perhaps, because they have an easy supply of pipes!

After many tries, I finally called the plumber to replace my faucet because I couldn’t get a handle on it!

Why do programmers hate plumbers?
– Because they always promise to get a sync but never do!

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