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Plumber jokes 🚽👨‍🔧 in 2023

Why are plumbers so bad at submission moves?
– Because they are good at making the tap!

The plumber was called by the local authorities to fix the road damaged by the flush floods!

What is the one bad habit that a plumber will never have?
– He will never ever bite his nails!

What do plumbers, garbagemen, and economists all have in common?
– They all deal with gross domestic product.

What’s the one things you’ll never see a plumber do?
– Bite his nails.

Why was the plumber not liked by his neighbors?
– Because he had a reputation of being a potty-mouth!

The plumbers were protesting for better pay. One of their slogans read,
– “If it weren’t for us, you all would have nowhere to go!”

What do plumbers use to store their data in?
– They use the USB Flush Drive!

Why did the plumber fall asleep on the job?
– His work was draining.

Who turns his head before crying?
– Tap!

Why was the wrestler so good at plumbing?
– He was known for dropping pipe bombs!

I was surprised by the new tagline at the plumbing shop next to my shop. It simply said,
– “You can flush the rest because we are the best!”

What did the plumber tell his girlfriend while breaking up with them?
– “I’m sorry, but it’s over, Flo!”

A plumber fixes a damaged pipe in a doctor’s house and asks for $200.
– Doctor: “Even I don’t make so much money in such a short period. And I’m a doctor.” Plumber: “I know, sir. I used to be a doctor myself.”

What is the most disgusting thing you can see while a plumber is plumbing?
– A plumber about to bite his nails.

Plumbers from all over the world were going to California.
– It was a classic case of the Gold Flush!

Normally, how many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
– It will usually take three because the main plumber tells his helper and the helper tells his electrician buddy, who finally changes it!

How did the plumber feel when he gave blood?
– Drained.

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