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Plumber jokes 🚽👨‍🔧 in 2022

Why did the teacher call the plumber to school?
– He was called to pipe the class that was being noisy!

In the middle of the hurricane, because of a lack of proper equipment, the surgeon used a sterilized plumbing tool to operate.
– It really was a gut-wrenching experience!

Why are plumbers excellent at playing golf?
– This is because they know all about straight tees!

I used to be a plumber, but now I’m a missionary.
– I bless the drains down in Africa.

How does a plumber make money in a casino?
– Playing craps.

Why are plumbers terrible at hiding secrets?
– Because they are known to crack!

When plumbers use their computers, their favorite program on the pc is the Adobe Flush Player!

What do you call it when a plumber becomes a superhuman?
– Flush Gordan!

Why did the plumber get arrested?
– Plumber’s crack.

What kind of movies do teenage plumbers like to watch?
– They love watching plumbing-of-age movies!

I knew an Australian plumber in our neighborhood who when faced with a difficult challenge would always say,
– “Nah mate, I conduit!”

What did the plumber say when he became head of the army?
– He said that all cisterns were ready to go!

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