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Plumber jokes 🚽👨‍🔧 in 2023

What do you call someone who is great at picking plums?
– You call him a plumber!

The two plumbers got into a massive argument regarding the boiler.
– Things got very heated between them!

What is the favorite fruit of plumbers all around the world?
– They absolutely love having plumbs!

What do you call a room full of cynical plumbers?
– A skeptic tank.

How can you tell the difference between a plumber and a chemist?
– Ask them to say the word unionized.

Why would the plumber always insist on fitting new toilets personally?
– Because he always wanted to go where nobody else has ever gone before.

I had once called an Italian plumber named Mario. Instead of fixing things,
– he jumped on my turtles and ate all my mushrooms!

Why did the man stop himself from becoming a full-time plumber?
– Because he did not have the courage to take the plunge!

Do you know how a body builder and a plumber are both alike?
– They both love pumping iron.

What kind of stalls would plumbers open at a fair?
– They would always open shower stalls!

When the underdog won the competition to determine the best plumber,
– it came as a massive shock to the cistern!

What do you call a plumber who has become super and has his own game?
– Super Mario!

What’s the one thing professional poker players and plumbers can agree on?
– A royal flush is better than a full house.

What do Doctors and Plumbers have in common?
– They both bury their mistakes.

Why does the United Kingdom need so many plumbers?
– This is because they are surrounded by water!

When the plumber had an argument with the lady regarding the sewage works of the client’s house, the plumber angrily exclaimed,
– “I am going to sewer, I am!”

How did everyone know about the misfortunes of the plumber?
– Well, the news had leaked out!

A plumber was called in to fix a leaky pipe in the library toilet.
– As he worked, he made too much noise, so the librarian asked him to pipe down.

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