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Plumber jokes 🚽👨‍🔧 in 2024

What rocks while it flushes?
– Well, a rocking chair toilet, of course!

What do you call a plumber who has become super and has his own game?
– Super Mario!

What kind of movies do teenage plumbers like to watch?
– They love watching plumbing-of-age movies!

I knew an Australian plumber in our neighborhood who when faced with a difficult challenge would always say,
– “Nah mate, I conduit!”

What did the plumber say when he became head of the army?
– He said that all cisterns were ready to go!

Why was the plumber depressed?
– His career was going down the toilet.

What draws so many Aussie’s to the plumbing industry?
– They love going down under.

What is the musical instrument that plumbers can play?
– Plumbers can play the pipe very well!

My plumber dad used to have a saying for his customers,
– “Every time you flush, it results in food in my family ‘s mouth!”

What was the slogan of the new affordable plumbing shop?
– “We won’t be draining your checkbooks!”

What’s the one thing you’ll never see a plumber do?
– Bite his nails.

Why do all men want to be plumbers?
– Because all they think about is layin dat pipe.

How does a plumber select an apprentice?
– He selects the one who has a pipe dream!

Even after spending a fortune on my house’s plumbing, it still wasn’t fixed.
– Guess all my money went down the drain!

Why did the plumber visit the restroom?
– Because his dooty calls!

A plumber wakes up and goes to the bathroom.
– After doing his business he stands up, turns around, and says, “See ya at work!”

Where do plumbers keep all their stuff?
– They keep them in the water closet!

The plumber was offered the role of a submarine captain.
– This was because he was good at sink-ing things!

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