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Bingo jokes in 2021

Try not to take your bingo too seriously.

– At the end of the day, itโ€™s just a load of balls.

Why don’t physicists and Bingo players get along?
– They disagree on the application and existence of a free space.

How do you get 500 old cows in barn?
– Put up a bingo sign.

What do you call a woman whoโ€™s addicted to online bingo?

– Betty.

How do newlyweds play bingo?
– 9 and you’re mine.

The group decided to practice their Shakespearan English skills for their school play while they play bingo and to begin,
– the Host called out, “The game is made for thee and me.”

An old man stopped me on the street to tell me this.
How do you get five sweet, kind, angelic, Christian, old ladies to swear like sailors?

– Have a 6th one say “BINGO!”

Why should you not play bingo with dogs?
– They can B8.

I like my tumors like I like my bingo numbers…
– B9

How do you break up an Al-Quaeda bingo game?
– Yell “B-52!”

What do you call it when an elderly man that won three bingos in a row?

– A Jerry hat-trick.

How does a GenZ play bingo?
– 49 and Amazon Prime.

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