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Mechanic jokes 👨‍🔧 in 2022

Have you seen a car with zero tires?
– It is totally unwheel.

Heard about the car resting at the gas station?
– It was exhaust-ed.

I would like to say a quantum mechanical joke.
– I would like to say a quantum mechanical joke.
– But then you would or wouldn’t get it, unless you make a measurement.

The racing car driver didn’t want to stop at the garage as he was already in the pits.

What happens when you cross the bridge with a car?
– You get to the other side.

I think the mechanic in my local garage has amnesia.
– I took my car for a new light bulb, and the mechanic asked me what year it was.

My broken down car is haunted by the ghost of a mechanic…
– He told me he really wants a pay rise but his supervisor can’t review his performance without a working car-boo-rator.

What does the auto mechanic like to eat for his breakfast?
– Traffic jam.

Why did the car mechanic visited the heart surgeon?
– To get the car’s valves changed.

My mechanic tried to scam me because he didn’t think I knew about cars
– I took my car to get an oil change and they were like “would you like us to rotate your tires?” I was like “Ummm. I rotated them a bunch on the way over jackass!”

The oil change went great
– But you need a new Engine

What kind of car does a cat mechanic have?
– A Fur-rari.

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