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Mechanic jokes 👨‍🔧 in 2023

Why did the mechanic refuse to eat his lunch at the garage?
– Because it was full of car-bs.

While driving home I saw my mechanic on the side of the road crying like a little baby.
– I don’t know exactly what happened but he must have had a serious breakdown

What do you call a knife that is being used by a mechanic?
– Cutting edge technology.

What is a cow mechanic’s favorite kind of car?
– A converti-bull.

When yo wrench fall down
– Deep in the engine bay

The kid wanted to become a car mechanic, so he went to bring a starter kit!

I had a dream that I was a mechanic who fixed wrecked cars.
– It was an auto body experience.

Heard about the guy who was looking for punctures in the tires?
– He wanted to make sure he had avoided the fork in the road.

The new mechanic lost his job; they say he lacks fine motor skills.

You know it’s bad when your mechanic calls in two priests

I brought my car to a mechanic and asked him, “Do you have any idea why my car is humming?”
– He replied, “Probably because it doesn’t know all the lyrics.”

Why did the mechanic go to visit an eye doctor?
– To get drops of blinker fluid for his eye.

How do you make an mechanical frog?
– You can’t use bolts, you have to use revets

Why was the jumper cable not allowed in public?
– Because he would start anything!

What does an emotionally detached mechanic do with a bar hook-up?
– Nuts and bolts.

Why did the kid want to become an elevator mechanic?
– Because he enjoyed the ups and downs of his job.

Mechanics might disagree, but…
– …eyedrops are technically blinker fluid.

I asked a mechanic for a book on how to fix automatic gearboxes…
– But he only has manuals.

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