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Cow jokes 🐄 in 2023

How does a cow become invisible?
-How does a cow become invisible?

What do you call cattle that tell jokes?
– Laughing stock.

What do you call an evil baby cow?
– A veal-lin.

What do you call a cow in your backyard?
-A lawn-mower.

What do you get from a pampered cow?
– Spoiled milk.

Which horse can jump higher than a house?
– All of them – houses can’t jump at all.

Just saw a guy punch a cow in the face
– How dairy.

What happens when a cow laughs?
-Milk comes out of its nose.

Why does a milking stool only have three legs?
-Because the cow has the udder.

Why can’t cows wear shoes?
-Because they lactose.

What sound do you hear when a cow breaks the sound barrier?

What is a baby cow’s favorite song?
-The veals on the bus go round and round.

Why do cows have bells?
-Because their horns don’t work.

Why do cows wear bells?
-Because their bells don’t work.

Why do cows read magazines?
-They love the cattle-logs.

How do you tuck in a cow?
– Bull Sheets.

What’s a cow’s favorite TV show?
– Dr. Moo.

What do you call a funny cow?
– A cowmedian.

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