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Cow jokes 🐄 in 2023

How does a cow become invisible?
-How does a cow become invisible?

Why do cows wear bells?
-Because their bells don’t work.

Why do cows read magazines?
-They love the cattle-logs.

How do you tuck in a cow?
– Bull Sheets.

What’s a cow’s favorite TV show?
– Dr. Moo.

What do you call a funny cow?
– A cowmedian.

What do you call a cow that can’t produce milk?
– A milk dud.

What happens when you talk to a cow?
-It goes in one ear and out the udder!

What do you call a cow that just gave birth?

Why did the cow go to the spa?
– She really needed some re-hoove-ination!

What’s a cow’s favorite newspaper?
-The Daily Moos.

What did the cow say to the cheese?
-“I am your father.”

I have a decent joke about a cow, but it’s pretty offensive, so I’ll probably need to take it down

What do you get when a cow jumps on a trampoline?

Why did the astronauts take a box of cereal and a cow with them?
– In case they bypassed the milky way!

You know what they say about cows…
– …they’re outstanding in their field.

What would you hear at a cow concert?

Why did the cow cross the road?
-To get to the udder side!

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