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Fireman jokes 🔥🚒🧯 in 2023

What gift did the fireman’s son get as his Christmas gift?
– He got a ladder from his father!

Why couldn’t a man smell the smoke in his room?
– He’d burnt his nostril hair!

What happens when a cow tries to sneak past a dragon?
– You get a fine flaming yawn.

What did the statistician say when half his body was engulfed in flames and the other half encased in ice?
– He said, “On average, I feel fine!”

What happens when you throw some ’70s vinyl records into the fire?
– A Disco Inferno.

The man with a flame tattoo on his arms got rejected from the fire station.
– This was because no one was allowed to get any firearms in the fire station!

A fireman kicks down the door of a house and carries the family out 1 by 1, but there is no fire. A week later the building catches ablaze.
– He suffers from premature evacuation.

For firefighters, what does the word chaos mean?
– It means that the chief has arrived on the scene!

What did the father reply when the son asked him what the least favorite letter of a firefighter is?
– He said, “R, son!”

What award will you give to a firefighter?
– The most extinguished person.

Why was the man crying frantically amidst the ashes of the burnt forest?
– He had lost a deer friend in the wildfires.

What happens when a firefighter visits a new place or meets new people?
– They are always greeted with a lot of warmth!

What do you say when a chopper that Batman is flying bursts into flames?
– You say, “Christian, bail!”

What would you get if you walked across fiery coals?
– Hot chee-toes!

I have always wondered about when a firefighter loses his job, is he fired, or does he get the ax!

The fireman would always get into a bit of trouble because he was a hothead!

My favorite quote is: “Kill it with fire”…
– Shouldn’t have wrote that on my resume when I applied for a fireman.

What would happen if the fire chief and newbie jumped out of the house on fire one day?
– The chief would land first because the newbie would stop and ask others for directions.

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