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Fireman jokes ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿš’๐Ÿงฏ in 2021

What do you call it when a flower shop bursts into flames?
– A florist fire.

What do you call it when god makes a wooden stick that fires up when rubbed?
– A match made in heaven!

Firefighters are known for their positivity.
– This is because they always look at the brighter side of things!

Two guys walk into a bar and order some beers. Suddenly, the town’s fire alarm siren goes off.
– One guy drops his beer, jumps up and races for the door.
– His friend shouts, “Hey, Tom, I didn’t know you were a fireman!” Tom replies, “I’m not, but my girlfriend’s husband is.”

What do firefighters wear when they go in into burning buildings?
– They wear blazers!

What is the type of award that one should give a firefighter?
– He should be given an extinguished one!

Everyone wants to know how many firemen jokes and firefighters’ jokes are there?
– There are zero jokes about firefighters because they are all facts!

Why canโ€™t marsupials apply to fight the Australian wildfires?
– Because they are overkoalified.

Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ character can be an excellent choice for a firefighter?
– It can be the Night King!

How do you think god kindles the flame of love between soulmates?
– With a match made in heaven!

What do you call a fire that can float on water?
– Flame-buoyant!

There was a fireman who got hurt trying to save the disabled man from the burning building.
– Everyone said that he went out on a limb!

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