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Fireman jokes 🔥🚒🧯 in 2023

What did the dad say when his son asked what a firefighter’s least favorite English letter was?
– He said, “R, son.”

What gift did the fireman’s son get as his Christmas gift?
– He got a ladder from his father!

Why couldn’t a man smell the smoke in his room?
– He’d burnt his nostril hair!

What happens when a cow tries to sneak past a dragon?
– You get a fine flaming yawn.

What direction does an elevator move in when it’s on fire?
– It goes up in flames!

The firefighter was shocked when he got to know that one of his two sons had set fire to the building.
– He declared, “This boy is not arson anymore!”

When I tell people that I work in the fire department, they say it is cool. I correct them by saying it is actually warm!

What did the fireman say when the church caught on fire?
– Holy smoke!

Why doesn’t the deputy firefighter look out of the window in the early morning?
– Because he needs to have something to do in the afternoon!

What happened to the firefighter who wasn’t doing well in his job?
– He got fired!

Why did the police evacuate a concert where a band was performing ‘Boogie Wonderland’?
– It had set off the Earth, Wind, and Fire alarm.

Did you hear about the Mexican fireman who had twins?
– He named them Josè and hose b

Why are elephants excellent choices to be a firefighter or a fire chief?
– As they can easily stomp out forest fires!

What do you do when you light a lamp with a match but it becomes too heavy to carry?
– You use a lighter flame.

What do you call it when a wheelchair is on fire?
– Hot wheels!

The fireman invested a lot of money in the new piece of land downtown.
– It was supposed to be an industrial hotbed!

“I have to leave work,” I told my boss, “my wife is stuck in a house fire!”
– “But you’re a fireman…” he replied.

Why was the fireman depressed and sad one day?
– This was because he had met his old flame that day!

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