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Fireman jokes 🔥🚒🧯 in 2024

Why couldn’t a man smell the smoke in his room?
– He’d burnt his nostril hair!

What happens when a cow tries to sneak past a dragon?
– You get a fine flaming yawn.

What did the dad say when his son asked what a firefighter’s least favorite English letter was?
– He said, “R, son.”

What gift did the fireman’s son get as his Christmas gift?
– He got a ladder from his father!

My father always advised me to fight fire with fire.
– Well, that is why I guess he lost his job as a firefighter!

My brother had been trying to climb the ladder at work for years now, and he was still miserable at it.
– He really isn’t cut out to be a fireman!

What should you do when you see a fireman?
– Put it out, man.

What kind of web browser do firefighters use?
– They use Mozilla FireFox!

What was the name of the firefighter who was also a famous soccer coach
– ? His name was Hose Mourinho!

What do bees do during a forest fire?
– They take off their yellow jacket!

What did Pikachu say when he met the fire chief?
– He just said, “Pikachu!”

What would happen if Franciscan priests became firefighters?
– Then, they would be fighting fires with the help of friars!

What do you call it when an arsonist turns himself in at the police station to get famous?
– His claim to flame.

How do you describe a scene where people walk on hot, fiery coals?
– Sole destroying!

The fireman wanted to tell a few firemen jokes, but all his excitement was extinguished when they were not well received by the fire department!

If a fireman offers you two ways to escape your burning house…
– …always take the latter.

What were the two sons of the Spanish firemen named?
– They were named José and HoseB!

Why does a firefighter love eating Tamale?
– This is because they are hot!

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