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Minion Jokes in 2024

What would you call a Minion that is covered in black stripes?
-A despicable bee.

The language that Minion’s
-speak is called Minionese.

What do Minion ghosts eat?

What is the fastest way for Minions to get from the first floor to the ground floor?
-By sliding down the banana-ster!

What type of bread of Minions like best?
-Gru-ten free.

What do you call someone who has a huge amount of Minions?
-A Minion-aire.

What did Scarlett Overkill say to her favourite yellow henchman?
-You really are one in a Minion.

What do Minion ghosts eat?

What do you call a Nintendo Wii character that looks like a Minion?
-Despicable Mii.

What does the Minion’s say to its favourite food before they leave the house?
– I’m going bananas.

Why did the Minion give up work?
-The hours were just too Gru-eling.

Which clothes shop do Minions like best?
– Banana Republic.

What type of schools do Minions like going to?
-Banana sundae schools.

what are funny Minion moments
– favourite funny Minion jokes

— HAHAHA! Are you Sirius?
-What’s your super powder? Wait a minion… what the help is happy ninja to me? PLEATS MAKE IT DUCKING STOP!

stop your mini-Despicable-Mes from going bananas
-Minion humour

What do Minions say when they pick up the telephone?

What do Minions call their Grandmas?
– Ba-Nanas.

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