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Minion Jokes in 2022

What would you call a Minion that is covered in black stripes?
-A despicable bee.

What do Minion ghosts eat?

The language that Minion’s
-speak is called Minionese.

What is the fastest way for Minions to get from the first floor to the ground floor?
-By sliding down the banana-ster!

What type of bread of Minions like best?
-Gru-ten free.

What do you call someone who has a huge amount of Minions?
-A Minion-aire.

What do you call a Nintendo Wii character that looks like a Minion?
-Despicable Mii.

What did Scarlett Overkill say to her favourite yellow henchman?
-You really are one in a Minion.

What do Minion ghosts eat?

— HAHAHA! Are you Sirius?
-What’s your super powder? Wait a minion… what the help is happy ninja to me? PLEATS MAKE IT DUCKING STOP!

What do Minions say when they pick up the telephone?

What does the Minion’s say to its favourite food before they leave the house?
– I’m going bananas.

Why do Minions take their bananas to the hairdressers?
– Because they get split ends.

My mouth is like a minion meme
-You might think its beak

Why do Minions spend so much time on the internet?
-Because they love Gru-gle searches.

Why did the Minion cross the playground?
-To get to the other slide.

What’s yellow and always points north?
-A magnetic Minion.

What type of schools do Minions like going to?
-Banana sundae schools.

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