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Sports Jokes ⚽🥊⛷️ in 2021

I kept wondering why the baseball was getting bigger.
– Then it hit me.

What do you call a Cleveland Browns QB at the Super Bowl?
– A spectator.

What do you give a hockey player when he demands to be paid?
– A check.

Why was the basketball court wet?
– Because people were dribbling on it!

What ship holds 20 football teams but only three leave it each season?
– The Premier-ship!

Why can’t basketball players go on vacation?
– They aren’t allowed to travel.

How do you spot a Tennessee fan at a wedding?
– Look for the guy in the orange t-shirt.

Why don’t grasshoppers watch soccer?
– They watch cricket, instead.

Why was the footballer upset on their birthday?
– They got a red card!

Why did the footballer hold their boot to their ear?
– Because they liked sole music!

Why did the Braves hire a baker?
– They needed a new batter.

What do you call twelve millionaires gathered around the TV to watch the NBA Finals?
– The Detroit Pistons.

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