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Shark Jokes 🦈 in 2023

What did the shark say after eating a clown fish?
-This tastes a little funny

what was the nerd shark’s favorite programming language
– jaw-va

Why did the shark commit the murder?
-He felt that he was “super-shark,” that he could justifiably

What was the shark’s favorite pre-Hitler era German film?
-The Cabinet of Dr. Cali-shark-i

What is a sharks favorite sci-fi show
-Shark Trek

how did the crazy shark become normal again
-electro shark therapy

What’s worse than being bitten by a shark?
– A: Being bitten by a vampire shark

Everyone thinks lawyers are a bunch of sharks, rats and pit-bulls!
– But really, they’re all liti-gators

What is a sharks favorite Dustin Hoffman Film
-Midnight Caudal

What’s black and white and red all over?
-A mulatto scuba diver who has just been mauled to death by a shark

What’s worse than one shark coming to dinner?
-Two sharks coming to dinner

what is the shark worlds favorite macintosh web browser

Why do sharks make terrible lawyers?
– They’re too nice!

what was the young sharks favorite basic cable channel
-cartilaginous network

why do sharks wear shoes

why did the street sharks get arrested
-dorsal profiling

What do cat sharks cough up?
– Human balls.

What do a computer and a shark have in common?
-They both have megabites

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