Shark Jokes ๐Ÿฆˆ in 2021

why did the shark commit suicide
-he was tired of feeling like he was swimming in circles

Are sharks smarter than dolphins?
-No, but don’t tell them that! (they might eat you)

Who was the sharks second favorite character on NBC’s “The Office”
-Dwight K. Shark

What did the young shark get for Christmas?
-Nothing! Sharks don’t celebrate Christmas!!!!!!!

Who was the shark’s favorite 20th century art figure?
-Marcel DuChomp

Who was the politcally saavy shark’s favorite Newsweek reporter?
– Fareed Sharkaria

knock knock
who’s there
a shark
-a shark who?
a shark who just ate your family and now im going to eat you

what did the underwater dog say
– shark! (instead of bark)

What is the shark worlds most popular comic strip

knock knock
who’s there
a shark
-oh okay then *opens door* *all this water comes in including a shark* *shark eats door answerer*

Where can you buy sharks on Wall Street?
– At the shark (stock) market, of course!

Why didnt the lumberjack shark believe in God
He chose log-shark (logic)


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