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Bird Jokes 🐦 in 2022

How does a bird with a broken wing manage to land safely?
-With its sparrowchute.

What did the Eagle say when he was cold?

How does a chicken mail a letter to her friend ?
– In a HEN-velope!

What language do geese speak?

How do chickens get strong?

Why do birds fly south for the winter?
-Because it’s too far to walk!

Hey, you know those birds and lizards that feast on decaying flesh?
– Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t carrion about it.

Where does bird royalty live?
-Duckingham Palace

Who tells the best chicken jokes?

Why did the little bird get in trouble at school?
– Because he was caught tweeting on a test.

What do you call a duck on drugs?
-A quackhead.

What does a duck like to eat with soup ?
– Quackers!

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