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Construction jokes 🚧🛠️👷 in 2022

Why does a hammer remain upset all the time?
– Because he gets hammered every day!

What is the advice that carpenters are given from their first day?
– They are taught ‘Nails can fail, but the hammer shouldn’t ever stammer’.

I didn’t want to believe my cousin was a construction site thief, but one afternoon, when I decided to visit his house, all the signs were there.

Why couldn’t the diabetic work construction?
He had an allergic reaction when he met the formin

Why did Santa get fired from his construction job?
– He kept coming down the chimney

Why was the busybody constructor very poor in his work?
– Because he was always meddling in someone else’s business!

What happens when you press the button for the automatic hammer?
– It sings out, ‘You can’t touch this’!

What is a construction worker’s favorite view?
– The OSHA

When god created the world, the prototype human was almost finished.
– Then he said to the responsible construction angel: “Put little toes on them” “Why that?” “For the furniture, you’ll see that it’s going to be fun.”

Why was the worker sad when a newly constructed window broke?
– Because it was very pane-ful for the worker.

What did the worker say about his favorite tool?
– He said a shovel was a groundbreaking invention.

Why couldn’t the worker open a restaurant named ‘The Crowbar’?
– It isn’t easy to open a crowbar.

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