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Alien jokes 👽🛸 in 2023

A scientist working for NASA decided to never get married because she needed her space.

Why is the moon constantly moody?
– She’s just going through a phase.

How do aliens harvest their crops?
– With tractor beams.

What currency do aliens use?
– Starbucks.

Which is the only animal that aliens know of?
– Cows, because only cows can be seen jumping over the moon.

How do you make an alien’s baby sleep?
– You rocket.

When the moon needs to call someone, it uses its last quarter.

What’s grey, “mad for it” and lives on Mars?
– Alien Gallagher

Why do aliens not like visiting earth very often?
– Because it is rated only one star.

How does an alien measure things?
– By using a meteor stick.

When the astronaut accidentally collided with the moon, he Apollo-gized.

If Martians live on Mars and Venusians live on Venus, who lives on Pluto?
– Fleas (Pluto being Mickey Mouse’s dog!)

Why did the alien go to Saturn?
– To go ring shopping.

Why is it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with an alien?
– Because he always needs his space.

Why did Mickey Mouse need the alien’s help?
– He was trying to find Pluto.

Stars go to school to get brighter.

How do you get clean in outer space?
– You take a meteor shower.

What did the alien say when he saw a gardener?
– “Take me to your weeder!”

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