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Alien jokes 👽🛸 in 2022

Why is the moon constantly moody?
– She’s just going through a phase.

A scientist working for NASA decided to never get married because she needed her space.

How do aliens harvest their crops?
– With tractor beams.

What currency do aliens use?
– Starbucks.

Which is the only animal that aliens know of?
– Cows, because only cows can be seen jumping over the moon.

Why was the alien reading a book on anti-gravity?
– He just could not put it down.

Astronauts are the only people on Earth who get to keep their jobs after they get fired.

An astronaut’s favorite sweet treat is a Milky Way.

What do you say if you want to start a fight in space?

“Comet me, bro!”

What do aliens do after they get married?
– Go on their honeyearth.

What does an alien say when he likes something a lot?
– It is out of the world.

What did the exasperated alien say to his wife?
– You are not understanding the gravity of this situation!

Jupiter was very closed up because she was battling her personal de-moons.

Why didn’t the Dog Star laugh at the joke?
– It was too Sirius.

Where do aliens like chilling the most?
– The space bar.

How does an alien cut his hair?
– Eclipse it.

It is rare to get proper cell reception in outer space because it is 0-G.

Why is an alien like a collection of famous actors’ autographs?
– They’ve both come from the stars

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