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Alien jokes 👽🛸 in 2024

A scientist working for NASA decided to never get married because she needed her space.

Why is the moon constantly moody?
– She’s just going through a phase.

How do aliens harvest their crops?
– With tractor beams.

What currency do aliens use?
– Starbucks.

Which is the only animal that aliens know of?
– Cows, because only cows can be seen jumping over the moon.

When Einstein released his theory about space, it was about time!

When the moon needs to call someone, it uses its last quarter.

How do you make an alien’s baby sleep?
– You rocket.

What does an alien do when he has to get in touch with Saturn?
– He gives Saturn a ring.

What do aliens like to eat when they aren’t on a diet?
– Unidentified frying objects.

Why is it difficult to converse with aliens?
– They do not understand the gravity of certain situations.

The moon dropped his fork and stopped feasting because it was already full.

When Jupiter became friends with Saturn, he asked him to give him a ring sometime.

What’s grey, “mad for it” and lives on Mars?
– Alien Gallagher

Why do aliens not visit the restaurant in space?
– Because it has got no atmosphere.

Which chewing gum do aliens love the most?
– Orbit.

The restaurant on the moon failed because it had no atmosphere.

Why are aliens messy tea-drinkers?
– With flying saucers, it’s hard not to spill it

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