Pumpkin Jokes ๐ŸŽƒ in 2021

What did the pumpkin say after Thanksgiving?
– Good-pie everyone.

Why are jack-o-lanterns so smart?
-A candle makes them bright.

What do Alabamian families do on Halloween?

What did the squash say to the cucumber when he saw the pumpkin patch get blown up?
-Oh My Gourd!

Where do pumpkins hold meetings?
-The gourdroom

Why do I add baking soda to my pumpkin spice lattes?
-To make them even more basic.

Got a big decision to make in November…
-Pumpkin or pecan pie for thanksgiving?

What do you call a pumpkin that works at the beach?
-A life-gourd.

What was the pumpkin after he was stabbed 17 times in the chest?
-He was gourd.

What does a cancer survivor who just baked a pumpkin pie say?
-“I made it.”
Credit to my wonderful brother.

How do you repair a broken jack oโ€™ lantern?
-Use a pumpkin patch.

How did the jack-oโ€™-lantern quit smoking?
-The pumpkin patch.


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